Help Finger Lakes Weather show the beauty of the Finger Lakes! Share your best weather and landscape photos with FLX Weather.

Photo Submission Guidelinessubmit weather photos

In order to be usable, photos must follow these basic guidelines:

  • At least 1200 px wide and 630 px tall
  • Minimal to no editing
  • No watermarks or other added text
  • Focus on weather phenomenon and the scenery of the Finger Lakes
  • Generally, no people visible in the photograph. Buildings, automobiles, and animals are OK.
  • Express permission from the original photographer with knowledge of the terms below.
  • As much as possible, please include the approximate location the photo was taken.
  • Photos for any season and weather phenomenon may be submitted at any time of the year.

Photo Uses

Finger Lakes Weather will use your photos for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Display on and Finger Lakes Weather social media channels
  • Finger Lakes Weather advertisements and promotions
  • Finger Lakes Weather business client needs

Photo Sharing Terms

By submitting photos to Finger Lakes Weather, you are granting Finger Lakes Weather and its affiliates and/or clients permission to use, share, and edit your photo without limitation. Photo submission automatically surrenders any copyright to Finger Lakes Weather. No royalties shall be collected by the photographer for any revenue generated by Finger Lakes Weather or its affiliates or clients, directly or indirectly related to photo use. No payment shall be made to the photographer in exchange for the photo or its use. Finger Lakes Weather is not required to credit the photographer when using the photo (though almost always will!).



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