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You deserve a better weather app.

The Finger Lakes Weather App is Honest, Accurate, Accessible...and made especially for the FLX

Jan. 2024- Please note: newer Android users may not be able to download the app at present. My developer is working on an update to make it available to all Android users once again.

Your Local Weather

Automatically load the forecast for your town, or preset several locations for easy access

Interactive Radar

Zoom and pan the radar around the Finger Lakes while also viewing temperatures, wind, and current alerts.

Unique 7-Day Forecast

Easy to read information at a glance with intuitive color coding and enhanced with a brief text description and a confidence rating.

Detailed Forecast

Clear and easy to understand, yet full of useful details that help you better prepare for whatever the weather has in store

Plus These Other Features

» Live expert updates during severe weather «

» Select push notifications for pertinent weather news «

» Local Weather Alerts «

» Submit your own weather observations «

and more features planned!

Great app for our specific region. Thanks for the no-hype forecasts. - Jamie E.


Very happy to have accurate, local weather forecasts on my phone. - John B.


For the last two years I have visited the FLX Weather website for The Best and Most Accurate forecasts for the NY Finger Lakes area. So excited that there is now an app! If you live in the Finger Lakes area this app is a must have! - BSM


Lovely app for our area and it automatically knows which part of the Finger Lakes I live in. Definitely recommend. - ssbasha

The weather forecasting is excellent. No misleading hype, great to have a focus on local weather! - Rubyona


I find myself checking FLX Weather whenever I need to know the weather, and *always* to counter other forecasts with an often-needed dose of detail and realism. - Allison M.


I have found FLX Weather to be the most accurate and relevant source of weather. - Adam T.


It is really a service, not just a weather report. - Jane S.


What devices will the app work on?

Android Devices require Android 5.0 or higher.

Apple Devices as follows:
iPhone - Requires iOS 13.6 or later.
iPad - Requires iPadOS 13.6 or later.
iPod touch - Requires iOS 13.6 or later.
Mac - Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

What experience does meteorologist Drew Montreuil have in forecasting the weather?

Drew Montreuil has been forecasting the weather daily in the Finger Lakes since 2006. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Meteorology with Honors from SUNY Oswego and a Masters of Science in Atmospheric Sciences from Cornell University. His forecasts have been found on numerous local news websites and can be heard on WEOS Radio out of Geneva.

What makes Finger Lakes Weather different than the TV or National Weather Service?

First, Finger Lakes Weather is all about the Finger Lakes and nothing else. No other provider has this sole focus, and TV stations are heavily biased toward their home city. Finger Lakes Weather fills the void left by others and is an expert on the local microclimates and variations that outsiders misunderstand and misinterpret.

Second are the three core values of Finger Lakes Weather: Honesty, Accuracy, and Accessibility. The entire purpose and mission of Finger Lakes Weather can be wrapped up in these three values.

Where do the forecasts and data that populate this app come from?

All forecasts are original predictions made by meteorologist Drew Montreuil. Radar, weather alerts, and current conditions are sourced from the National Weather Service.

What do the three core values of FLX Weather mean?

Honesty means being clear and transparent with my expectations of the weather. I will never hype-up or purposefully downplay a weather event. No Hype. No Drama. Never.

Accuracy means always striving to make the best forecast possible and learning from every prediction that is made. Meteorology is a science, and forecasting is the Scientific Method in action.

Accessibility means getting everyone the information they need to stay safe in a timely manner. That is why this app, and all the features of Finger Lakes Weather, are free for public use. Questions on how to apply the forecast to your specific situation are welcome and encouraged.

How is Finger Lakes Weather funded?

Finger Lakes Weather relies on the generosity of its users to donate. This is the single biggest source of funding.

Local businesses can also purchase sponsorship to support Finger Lakes Weather.

Lastly, a limited number of paying clients also help support these services.