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Why Crowdfund?

Meteorology has been a life long passion for me and I am eternally grateful to be able to practice my passion. However, my mission as a meteorologist goes far beyond simply doing something I enjoy. Every year, the weather damages property and puts lives in danger. Even in the Finger Lakes, the weather can be and has been deadly. My mission as a meteorologist is to do all I can to prevent such needless loss of life. For that reason, I do not and will not charge a subscription fee for the information people need to remain safe. Finger Lakes Weather has been organized to meet this mission- for most users, there should be enough information readily and freely available to plan their day around whatever the weather may throw at them.

The only fees associated with Finger Lakes Weather are for businesses and individuals who need regular, detailed, location-specific forecasts. These clients enjoy 24/7 communication with Finger Lakes Weather and timely, personalized updates as a cost-effective way to save their businesses or organizations money, time and resources. The fees for these services are priced to be affordable to even small businesses and low-budget non-profit organizations, breaking the traditional mold of many other weather consulting companies which focus on getting big money from big business. More information on these services, as well as how to apply for small business or non-profit discounts, can be found here.

The Reasons to Donate

Finger Lakes Weather relies on donations to cover the costs of running this website. In addition to server space, bandwidth upgrades and domain names, Finger Lakes Weather subscribes to a number of weather data providers and has purchased computer programs and equipment necessary to provide you with the best forecasts possible. A mobile app has been requested often by followers of Finger Lakes Weather, but funds have not yet made such an app possible- your donation can help make that a reality. Lastly, your donation provides me and my family with some compensation for the countless hours spent preparing and creating the forecasts you rely on every day.

Donation Policy

Donations are non-refundable. Automatic yearly, monthly, weekly and daily, as well as single, one-time donation options are available. Finger Lakes Weather is not organized as a non-profit organization, therefore donations are not tax exempt. Donations are primarily made through the secure PayPal system. An account with PayPal is not necessary to make a donation. Major credit cards, e-check and PayPal transfers are all accepted by the PayPal system. Please note that PayPal does receive a small portion of your donation. If you would like to mail a check to Finger Lakes Weather, please contact me directly. Finger Lakes Weather will host a twice yearly fund raising drive which will be posted about on the Finger Lakes Weather blog and social media accounts. Donations are accepted at any time, regardless of whether or not a current fund raising drive is ongoing. Donation usage records available upon request.