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How has Finger Lakes Weather made a positive impact on your life?

Each and every day, the weather impacts you.

Most of the time, the impacts are routine and hardly noticeable. Sometimes, however, the weather can wreak havoc on your day.

Finger Lakes Weather is here to help you navigate whatever the weather throws at you with honesty, accuracy, and accessibility.

I am interested in hearing how the information and forecasts I provide impact your life.

What is your Finger Lakes Weather Story? Was there a time my services made a difference in your life? How do you use Finger Lakes Weather on a daily basis? Why do you come back to Finger Lakes Weather for your weather information?

Please use the form below to share your story. Your story can be about Finger Lakes Weather in general, or about a specific event where Finger Lakes Weather came through for you.

I may contact you via the email you provide for more information or for permission to share your story.

I created Finger Lakes Weather to keep my friends and neighbors informed and safe with the no-hype, accurate weather forecasts. I thank you in advance for letting me know how I am accomplishing that goal.

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