Easy, Local Advertising

Advertising on Finger Lakes Weather is an excellent opportunity for local businesses and organizations. As one of the region’s premier local websites, your ad will be seen by thousands of local leads each month.

There are no complicated algorithms or complicating bidding systems that confuse and overwhelm most business owners. You have enough to worry about, like running your business, without having to worry about wasting time and money.

Why Advertise with Finger Lakes Weather?

Sponsorship on FLXweather.com is all about local businesses helping one another. The following advertising opportunities are open only to businesses within the Finger Lakes and will be served directly to local customers.

In return, your sponsorship helps support FLXweather.com in its mission to bring HONEST, ACCURATE, ACCESSIBLE weather forecasts and information to the Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes Weather offers the opportunity to reach tens-of-thousands of customers on a monthly basis.  During the year 2022, FLXweather.com had over 800,000 page loads between the website and mobile app, and continues to grow every year.

Advertising Rates

Our advertising prices have remained unchanged for years! Nowhere else can you get this type of local reach for this cheap.

Ad Size
1-5 Month 6-11 Months 12+ Months Charities & Microenterprises
Thumbnail Ad $110 per month $100 per month $90 per month $10 per month discount
Banner Ad $200 per month $180 per month $160 per month $20 per month discount
Thumbnail & Banner $300 per month $270 per month $240 per month $30 per month discount

A charity is defined as a certified 501(c)(3) organization and a Microenterprise is defined as a business with no more than 3 total employees.


Advertising on Finger Lakes Weather lets you reach customers in your neighborhood.
As a small business itself, Finger Lakes Weather understands the importance of spending your marketing budget wisely. Cost-effective ads in high traffic locations, discounts and a variety of options make it possible for every business and organization to create an effective campaign on FLXweather.com!

Ad Types & Locations

These are currently the advertising locations and dimensions available for sponsorship:

  • Thumbnail ads are shown in the sidebar of all forecast pages and blog posts on desktop and below the page content but above the footer on mobile.
  • Banner ads are shown at the top of all forecast pages and blog posts on both desktop and mobile.

Thumbnail ads are static on the website and will be ordered on a first-come, first-serve basis. On the app, thumbnails rotate through a carousel in a random order. Thumbnail ad size is 255 px wide by 255 px tall.

Banner ads are shown one at a time, rotating every 5 seconds in a random order that changes with every page load. Users can also scroll through all banner ads on demand. Banner ad size is 850 px wide by 170 px tall.

Right For Your Business?

The people who use Finger Lakes Weather know the value of locally produced goods and services — that is why they use Finger Lakes Weather.

Advertising on Finger Lakes Weather is, therefore, best suited for locally owned and operated businesses that focus on the Finger Lakes, as well as attractions and events that draw both tourists and locals.

Businesses and organizations looking to increase their regional reach throughout the Finger Lakes will especially benefit from having their ads seen daily by people from around the Finger Lakes.

Partnering with Finger Lakes Weather as a sponsor will also bring a boost in positive recognition for your company as one that cares about its community and its people by supporting and enhancing the free services Finger Lakes Weather offers.

Other Marketing Services

No advertising image? No problem! Finger Lakes Weather will work with you to produce effective ads for just $15 extra per image!

Finger Lakes Weather can also help you meet all of your marketing needs, including website design, social media training, and social media ad campaigns. Pricing for these services will vary based on individual needs. Just mention your interest in any of these services for a free quote.

Event marketing and forecasting services are also available, including planning forecasts and advertising and forecasts for your events within the blog posts and videos Finger Lakes Weather produces. Again, just ask for a free, no-obligation quote.

For More Information

Select the type of ad you are interested in. You can change this later!
Select how long you would like you ad to be displayed. You can change this later!
To be eligible for this discount, proof of 501(c)(3) status or proof of 3 or fewer paid employees may be requested.
Finger Lakes Weather reserves the right to decline sponsorship at any time for any reason. All ads subject to FLX Weather approval.