meteorologist drew montreuil

Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

B.S. Meteorology (SUNY Oswego) | M.S. Atmospheric Sciences (Cornell University)

Finger Lakes Weather is the fulfillment of my lifelong passion for meteorology and the Finger Lakes region.

What I do goes beyond simple run-of-the-mill weather forecasting. My research in the area of weather forecast interpretation, the microclimates of the Finger Lakes, and severe weather in Upstate New York shape my services.

I have designed Finger Lakes Weather with you, the public, in mind. Archaic, confusing forecast methodology and terminology have no place here. Instead, you will enjoy the benefit of pioneering techniques, such as the use of forecast confidence ratings and live, interactive updates during extreme weather.

Not all that is old is bad, however. An over-reliance on computer models plagues modern meteorology. As I forecast, I rely on good old-fashioned experience, intuition, and scientific reasoning to interpret computer projections, draw my own maps, and deliver forecasts made by a human, not a machine.

Honest. Accurate. Accessible.

Core values for a weather website?


Honesty, Accuracy, and Accessibility. Everything I do is framed around these three principles.


We live in a noisy, fast paced society. Your attention is demanded 24/7, especially when you venture onto the Internet.
For the media, the best way to get your attention is to scare you. Weather media is no exception.

Weather Hype is a huge problem with news reports stretching the bounds of science by using hype to capture your attention.
Not so with Finger Lakes Weather. I mean every word of every forecast. You can absolutely rely on me to report the weather as it is.

No Hype. No Drama. Ever.



Every meteorologist thinks they are accurate. Even the best.
Some even pay for outside verification of their forecasts so they can display fancy banners declaring themselves as the most accurate.

I, too, strive for accuracy. But I am not always right; there is always more to learn.
Still, my experience forecasting and living right here in the Finger Lakes, combined
with my healthy skepticism of computer models and reliance on experience gives me a huge advantage.

I'll let you be the judge on how my forecasts compare.



Imagine this scenario. A blizzard is coming, and you have an important doctor's appointment you cannot miss.
You've read the forecasts, but they all say something different or lack the information you need.

You need to talk to a meteorologist. Until now, that has been impossible.
Weather Service and TV meteorologists are much too busy to take questions.

Finger Lakes Weather, however, strives to give everyone the exact information they need in a timely manner.
Live, interactive weather reporting during extreme weather is being pioneered by Finger Lakes Weather.

So, if you have a question or need an update — just ask. It is yours at no charge.

How to Contact Me

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Facebook Messenger is the quickest way to get in touch with me. I welcome the chance to discuss the weather with you using real-time messages.
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Making It All Work

When I tell people that I work for myself, running my own weather business, the next question is always:

"How does that work? How do you make money?"

Finger Lakes Weather has three main revenue streams. Without these, Finger Lakes Weather would be a shell of what it has become.

Business Clients

Other businesses hire me for a variety of purposes. For some, I write about the weather, either online or in print. Others need pinpoint, custom tailored forecasts. I have worked for summer camps, school districts, newspapers, and online news websites.
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Many have come to rely on Finger Lakes Weather, especially during periods of severe weather. Recognizing the amount of time and effort I put into my work, they generously support me financially with donations. Finger Lakes Weather is viewer supported, and without this support, would not be possible.
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Advertisements are placed on to help defray the costs. Some of these ads are served through Google AdSense, but premium ad locations are reserved for local businesses. With over 500,000 page loads in 2018, local businesses get huge exposure across the Finger Lakes while simultaneously supporting this great service.
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