About Finger Lakes Weather

Finger Lakes Weather is a sole proprietorship weather forecasting company owned and run by meteorologist Drew Montreuil. Founded in March 2012, Finger Lakes Weather primarily focuses on forecasting in the Finger Lakes region of New York state, but accepts clients nationwide.

Company Mission

Finger Lakes Weather’s mission is two-fold and can best be described as an organization focusing on both public outreach and private, paid business. As a public service, Finger Lakes Weather strives to provide forecasts and information anyone can use to plan their basic, day-to-day lives and to stay safe when severe weather strikes. This information is provided free of charge to ensure that no one is put in harm’s way because they couldn’t afford to purchase a forecast. To cover the costs associated with this free public outreach and the many hours spent keeping information as accurate and up-to-date as possible, donations are greatly appreciated and semi-annual fund drives are held.

Finger Lakes Weather’s business mission is to provide expert weather analysis and forecasts to small businesses, organizations and individuals at an affordable cost. Many large corporations and organizations hire private meteorologists. The small business culture of the Finger Lakes is not well suited for these forecasting services, which charge large sums of money for their services. As a small business in the Finger Lakes, Finger Lakes Weather wishes to help other small businesses by providing valuable weather forecasts and real-time information at rates fit for other small businesses, organizations and even individuals.

Filling a Gap

The Finger Lakes have become a top destination for tourism in Upstate New York and boasts the most vineyards in America east of California. The Finger Lakes is a place of simple, country living dotted with small towns amongst expanses of farms on the gently rolling hills that rise up from the lakes themselves. This quiet, country setting has lead to a gap in reliable weather forecasts, with no single source focusing solely on the Finger Lakes. The National Weather Service splits the regions between two offices, located in the vastly different microclimates of Buffalo and Binghamton. Television and radio forecasts are limited to the bigger markets on the outskirts the region in Syracuse, Rochester, Elmira or Binghamton, all of which also have vastly different microclimates than the Finger Lakes. These splits fragment the region, leading to inconsistent, competing and confusing weather forecasts.

Finger Lakes Weather provides a consistent, accurate forecast for the entire region from a single source. With publicly available free forecasts available directly on the Finger Lakes Weather homepage and the Finger Lakes Weather Facebook page, residents and visitors alike will know that they are covered no matter where in the Finger Lakes they may be.

Unique, Cutting Edge Methodology

The weather is inherently uncertain and difficult to predict. After spending multiple years formally researching how the public interprets weather forecasts, meteorologist Drew Montreuil developed a cutting-edge methodology to presenting weather forecasts that includes the confidence in the forecast and alternate scenarios that may take place. These unique forecasts allow you to better understand what exactly the weather may throw at you, giving you the opportunity to better prepare. Useless terminology like “a 60% chance of rain” will not be found in these forecasts; instead, the focus is on useful information such as how long precipitation will last, how widespread and heavy it will be, and the start and ending time.
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