Forecasting the weather is inherently uncertain. The further out a forecast is made, the less confident it is and the more likely it will end up not being completely accurate. However, with most weather forecasts, be it on TV, the radio, in print or online, there is no expression of the confidence the meteorologist has in their forecast. The most obvious example of this is in the standard 7-day forecast. Most of these forecasts are displayed in such a way that the days 6 or 7 days out are as certain as the next day. Finger Lakes Weather is a leading pioneer in using confidence with forecasts. Whether it is the 7-day forecast or a detailed snow map, expressions of confidence- and what alternative scenarios are possible, greatly enhance the forecast.hype_busting

Furthermore, weather hype has always been a problem with many forecasts. Weather hype occurs when meteorologists predict large, significant events too far in advance without the proper analysis of model trends and weather patterns. Often times, this is not intentional and Finger Lakes Weather does not mean to detract from those forecasters who take their forecasts seriously and make honest forecasts. However, often times a forecast will be hyped to generate attention or advertising money. This is becoming an even large problem with social media, with bogus or hyped up weather stories going viral.

With so much misinformation and hype, Finger Lakes Weather is committed to bringing accurate, no-hype forecasts so that when severe weather does strike, you can trust the forecast and not have to worry about the meteorologist who cried wolf. Finger Lakes Weather guarantees hype-free forecasts. Combined with the state-of-the-art forecast confidence system, you know you can trust Finger Lakes Weather to bring you the information you need to know about upcoming weather events.