Great Lakes-Northeast Regional Surface Weather Map

Finger Lakes Weather regional surface weather map

About this image

This surface weather map shows a wide variety of weather information. Typically, the following is displayed:

  • High and Low pressure systems, depicted by large, bold blue H or red L symbols.
  • Frontal systems in thick red (warm), blue (cold), purple (occluded), or pink (stationary) lines. Thinner orange lines represent subtle boundaries, such as a wind shift of trough of low pressure.
  • Isobars in thin blue lines. Isobars represent areas of equal pressure. Isobars that are close together are accompanied by strong winds.
  • Temperatures, both as reported at official observations stations (colored numbers) and interpolated across the entire domain (color fill).
  • Radar shown in traditional green-yellow-red color schemes. This radar is generally not color coded for precipitation unless the temperature fill layer is turned off.
  • Storm reports, shown in small colored boxes with a variety of symbols to indicate the type of report.
  • Severe thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings, shown in yellow and red boxes respectively.

The exact area shown on the map, the data feeds displayed, and the color schemes may change from time to time.

The image should update every 15 minutes. If the image timestamp in the lower left corner is older than 15 minutes, attempt to clear your cache by pressing cntl-F5 (PC) or cmd-R (mac). If this does not work, the data source may be unavailable.

This image is an automated upload from the Finger Lakes Weather computers. Its availability is not guaranteed at all times. Possible sources of old data include software or hardware malfunctions, loss of internet connection, or rededication of computer memory to more important software during severe weather events.