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Finger Lakes Weather Forecasts By Zip Code

The weather in the Finger Lakes is subject to a unique combination of geographic influences. The resulting Microclimates make for vast differences in the weather over short distances. Finger Lakes Weather Zip Code forecasts are designed to deliver the best, most informative weather information available on the local, small scale basis necessary in the Finger Lakes.

Many other weather websites offer such services on a national or even international basis. Many of these services are nothing more than data straight from the computer weather models. Finger Lakes Weather will never feed straight computer data and present it as a forecast. The human element and local expertise in forecasting are vital to produce a more accurate forecast. In that spirit, each zip code forecast is generated from hand-drawn maps depicting the weather over the Finger Lakes region.

With this extra attention to detail and careful hand drawn analysis, the zip codes with forecasts available are limited to 17 counties in and around the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier of New York. Forecasts are completely mobile friendly and are updated frequently. Bookmark your town’s page on your computer and mobile devices for easy access to the best weather information for the Finger Lakes!

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Hand Drawn Maps

Your forecast will always come from hand drawn maps, never from a computer model.