Oct 31

Morning Forecast on the Go- Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

This forecast update was mainly used to start nailing down some of the finer details of the active weather this weekend. Here are the updates you need to know:

The western Finger Lakes have a much better chance at seeing steady light rain this evening that the eastern Finger Lakes. Each model of course differs …

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Oct 30

Weather setting up for cold air invasion

Very little has changed from last night’s forecast. The pieces are starting to come together and the weather should get very active over the next 48 hours, especially for areas along the New England coast.

For the Finger Lakes, we are still looking at our primary impact from all of this being some very cold …

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Oct 30

Morning Forecast-on-the-Go: Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

No significant changes were made to this forecast from last night. Today will be cloudy and cool with very little precipitation and light winds. Rain will become more likely on Friday, but

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Oct 29

Hype Busting: Messy Halloween, Weekend Snow for Finger Lakes

Chances are in the past few days you have probably heard something about snow and/or terrible weather for Halloween.

I’ve mentioned the possibility of snow, with the caution of 1) the forecasts being far in advance 2) it being early in the season and 3) a rather complex scenario.

As always, there is a lot …

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Oct 29

Morning Forecast-on-the-Go: Wednedsay, Oct. 29. 2014

The forecast from last night is in pretty good shape. Here is an overview of the few changes that were made:

Changed icon for today and tonight to a cloud. Showers are still possible, but should be scattered enough that most places will be dry at most times. Added wind speed and direction into the …

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