Showers early and late Friday in the Finger Lakes

Two disturbances will spread some light rain showers across the Finger Lakes on Friday.
Two disturbances will spread some light rain showers across the Finger Lakes on Friday.

Two disturbances will spread some light rain showers across the Finger Lakes on Friday.

The first of these disturbances is moving across northern Pennsylvania this morning, while the second, stronger disturbance is back over Lake Michigan.

There is a small area of light rain showers that stretches across the Finger Lakes associated with the first disturbance this morning. These showers should mostly dissipate and exit the region by the mid-morning hours. Dry weather should be expected for the late morning and early afternoon, but it will remain mostly cloudy.

The second batch of showers should start to move in by the mid afternoon for western areas of the Finger Lakes and the late afternoon for the eastern Finger Lakes. Showers will be more scattered and lighter for the far northeastern Finger Lakes (Auburn, Syracuse), but most areas should see some additional light rain this afternoon. Some of the showers may linger into the evening, but skies should partially clear after midnight.

High temperatures today will be in the low to perhaps mid 50s with overnight lows around 40 degrees.

Saturday will be a quiet day. There may be some breaks of sun in the morning, but clouds will rethicken during the afternoon. Temperatures will be a bit warmer, but still shy of normal, with highs in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. The average high for the end of April is in the low to mid 60s.

Rain will move back into the area after midnight Saturday. Unlike today’s rain, this will be widespread and steady and will last into Sunday morning. Showers will persist behind the main batch of rain throughout the remainder of the day. A second batch of widespread, steady rain will move in on Monday, though this second area may mostly impact the eastern half of the Finger Lakes.

Regardless, with thick cloud cover and precipitation, high temperatures will be mostly near or below 50 degrees both Sunday and Monday.

The weather will improve somewhat next week, with some temperatures in the 60s. The forecast is uncertain though, and could turn rainier and cooler. There are signs of a return to near or above normal temperatures by the second week of May.

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