Dry, warm Thursday ahead of a few chances for showers

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Wispy cirrus clouds will build into the Finger Lakes today ahead of a weak system that will bring some scattered showers into the weekend.

Another Nice Day Thursday

Thursday should turn out to be another nice late summer day in the Finger Lakes.

Skies are bright and sunny to start the day and should remain sun filled throughout.

Some of the sunshine will be filtered by some high, thin cirrus clouds that will work in this afternoon out ahead of a storm system. A few fair weather clouds should also bubble up this afternoon.

No precipitation is expected for the most part. A brief, widely isolated shower cannot be completely ruled out during the latter half of the afternoon. Most, if not all of the Finger Lakes should remain dry though.

Temperatures will sneak a degree or two above normal, with highs topping out in the low 80s. The humidity will remain in check though, so it should not feel too uncomfortable for most people.

With the cirrus deck in place tonight, there is a chance for some especially pretty sunset scenery. The cirrus clouds will persist into the overnight hours, helping keep temperatures in the 60s through the night.

Small Chances for Rain

The approaching storm system will have an influence on our weather for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. None of these days look like a washout though.

In fact, there is a good chance that a number of places will get through all three days with little to no precipitation.

On Friday, there will just be a couple of late afternoon showers that will pop up on the leading edge of the storm system. These are expected to be light and most areas will probably not see any rain.

The best chance for rain will be during the midday and early afternoon hours on Saturday. Especially if some sun works out early Saturday, some scattered showers and storms will pop up by midday Saturday.

These storms are not expected to be widespread or strong. Severe weather and flash flooding are very unlikely.

Showers and storms will push east, leaving the Finger Lakes dry for the latter half of Saturday afternoon.

Lastly, on Sunday, a weak boundary on the back side of the storm system will drop south, touching off a few light, isolated showers during the afternoon.

Overall, this system should have a very minimal impact on most people this weekend. Temperatures will slowly retreat, with highs near 80 on Friday, in the upper 70s Saturday, and mid 70s on Sunday.

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Meteorologist Drew Montreuil has been forecasting the weather in the Finger Lakes region since 2006 and has degrees in meteorology from SUNY Oswego (B.S. with Honors) and Cornell (M.S.). Drew and his wife have four young boys. When not working or playing with the boys, he is probably out for a run through the countryside.

6 Responses

  1. Gail Dalmat

    Will we have that haze of high clouds again tonight? Tonight’s the peak activity for the Perseid Meteor Shower–they said early in the morning on Saturday would be the best viewing, but if I have to get up at 3 am, spray insect repellent, and drive someplace dark (too many bright lights in Willard–street lights and lights from the DTC and nearby Five Points). It’d be nice if it weren’t cloudy when I got someplace dark.

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      I suspect there will probably be a good deal of cloud cover

      • Gail Dalmat

        It just started to rain–hard–in Willard. On the bright side, I don’t need to water anything today. Dim side? it’s dark and cloudy and I can’t repair the electric cord I was just buying parts to fix, and probably no meteor shower for us. The rain just let up–I don’t know if that was all there was or if it’ll be back.

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  3. Tom Pritchard

    Hi Drew, my son is getting married Saturday with an outdoor reception from 4-9 pm. Hiw does the storm likelyhood look? Thanks!

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Tom. At this time, it looks like most of the already limited activity would be a bit earlier. Still a small chance, but should mostly be OK.