Labor Day Weekend Rain in the Finger Lakes- When and How Much

finger lakes weather forecast labor day weekend rain
Rainy weather associated with the remains of Harvey will impact outdoor plans for the Holiday Weekend.

Timing the Rain in the Finger Lakes

Rain from the remains of Harvey will track north into the Finger Lakes later Saturday and will persist into Sunday.

Initially, the rain will start as some scattered showers in the late afternoon hours Saturday. Rain will enter the western Southern Tier around 4 pm before spreading across the remainder of the Finger Lakes after 6 pm.

This is a bit of a later start than what was expected earlier, but this also means that any lull between the showers and steadier rain will be brief if it exists at all.

Showers will continue with on and off light rain through the evening. After midnight, the showers will transition to more of a widespread, steady rain event.

This steady rain should persist through Sunday morning and into the early afternoon. The steady rain will taper off to showers by the mid afternoon before ending by the evening.

Rain Impacts

Most of the Finger Lakes should anticipate receiving an inch or more of rain from Harvey by the time the rain ends late Sunday.

Some isolated areas could see upwards of 1.5 to 2 inches of rain.

Depending on your exact location, this is either welcome news after a dry August or just a nuisance.

Flooding is not expected in the Finger Lakes as the rain will be slow and steady and will not accumulate enough to approach flash flood values.

The rain will keep temperatures mild Saturday night, with lows in the mid 50s. Sunday, however, will be cool once again with highs in the mid 60s.

Labor Day Improves; Watching Tuesday

The weather will vastly improve for Labor Day.

Southwest winds and sunshine will boost temperatures into the 80s. Most areas will see low 80s, but some of the warmer areas will reach the mid 80s.

The wind will be gusty, but the weather should remain dry throughout the day.

A cold front will approach the area on Tuesday. Depending on the timing of the front, thunderstorms will be possible. The severe threat is unclear at this time but should be monitored over the coming days.

Temperatures will return to the 60s for the latter half of next week with more chances for rain.

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