Cool, showery weather early this week for the Finger Lakes

Temperatures will remain cool most of this week with occasional showers. [Photo by Joan Lockwood]

Below Normal Temperatures

Summer will take a brief break in the Finger Lakes as temperatures remain below normal for the next several days.

Temperatures in the Finger Lakes during early June should be in the low to mid 70s. However, 70s are unlikely until at least Thursday as some rather cool air descends on the region.

Two areas of low pressure are nearby this morning, with one low situated over Canada between the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay. The second low is off the coast of New Jersey.

The coastal low will push out to sea today. The Canadian low will not move much today before diving southeast across our region on Tuesday.

Cool air is already moving into the Finger Lakes behind the coastal low, but the chilliest air will settle in behind the Canadian low.

High temperatures today will manage to reach the mid to perhaps even upper 60s. Tuesday will top out near 60 degrees while highs on Wednesday likely fall just short of 60 degrees.

Winds will be a bit on the blustery side Monday and Tuesday. Today, wind gusts over 30 mph will be possible areawide, but the strongest gusts will be from Ontario County westward. Tuesday’s wind gusts will be strongest across the Southern Tier, again slightly over 30 mph. Monday’s winds will be from the west before turning to the northwest for Tuesday.

With ample cloud cover and wind, overnight temperatures should remain well in the 40s. No frost threat is expected, despite the very cool afternoon temperatures.

Showers, Too

Unsurprisingly, rain showers will be drifting through the region as well during this chilly period.

Conditions are mostly dry across the Finger Lakes Monday morning, but a few scattered showers are likely to develop during the daytime heating this afternoon.

Most areas will see little to no rain this afternoon, but a couple brief downpours are possible for a few isolated areas.

Showers will quickly dissipate as the sun sets this evening. A new batch of more widespread showers should move in during the pre-dawn and near-dawn hours on Tuesday as the Canadian low passes by.

These should move out by mid-morning, but additional scattered showers will be on and off throughout the day. Showers will dissipate overnight again but will pop back up Wednesday afternoon.

Skies will be rather cloudy over the next few days, but some breaks of sun may peek out here and there.

Conditions should dry out, and warm some, for Thursday and Friday.

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