Heat wave bakes the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast saturday june 30 2018 sunday july 1 2018 heat wave warning advisory alerts
Dangerous combinations of heat and humidity will exist especially on Sunday and Monday.

Just How Hot Will it Be?

The incoming heat wave has been well advertised and will intensify over the Finger Lakes this weekend.

Heat Advisories are in place for the entire region on Saturday, with Excessive Heat Warnings for the northern half of the region Sunday and Monday.

The concern is the heat index, which is a calculated value of how hot it feels based on the combination of temperatures. The excessive amounts of moisture in the atmosphere hampers the body’s ability to cool itself, making it seem hotter than it actually is.

Once the heat index starts to get above 100 degrees, the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke become significant. These heat-related illnesses can cause serious symptoms and can be deadly.

Heat Index values on Saturday will mostly be in the upper 90s and low 100s. Sunday’s heat index will be between 100-110 degrees. Monday is still a bit less certain but has a high potential for heat index values over 100 degrees.

The actual air temperature will top out in the low and mid 90s on Saturday, with widespread mid and upper 90s on Sunday and Monday.

Temperatures overnight will be very uncomfortable as well, with most places staying in the low and mid 70s.

The heat will back off slightly for the middle of next week, but temperatures will continue to hover near 90 degrees through at least Thursday.

Staying Safe

Practicing good heat safety will be paramount during the coming days. Everyone is at risk for heat-related illnesses, no matter your age or physical condition.

There are groups of people that are more at risk, including the elderly and young, and those with mental illness that may not be able to properly asses their condition. If you know of someone who is homebound without air conditioning, please check on them multiple times. If possible, take them someplace with air conditioning.

Staying hydrated is very important in excessive heat. Water is far and away the best hydration. Soft drinks and alcohol do more harm than good and are best avoided.

Strenuous activity should be totally avoided from mid-morning through the late afternoon. If unavoidable, weather light-colored, loose clothing and take frequent breaks in the shade.

Don’t forget the pets, either. They, too, need plenty of shade and water if they must be outside. Walking on pavement should be avoided — if it is too hot for you to walk barefoot on, it is too hot for your pets.

Never leave children, the elderly, or pets inside a parked car. Within minutes, temperatures inside the car will skyrocket and become extremely dangerous. Cracking a window is nowhere near adequate.

Please, do not consider yourself immune to heat-related illnesses and check on those around you.

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