Heat Advisories issued for the Finger Lakes

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Dewpoints in the low and mid 70s will make it feel oppressively humid and hot.

Extreme Humidity & High Heat

The Finger Lakes will be subject to a period of mid-summer heat and tropical humidity for the next few days.

The worst of this heat will be Tuesday and Wednesday though Monday will also be plenty warm and humid.

High pressure over the Southeast coast of the United States is pumping hot and humid air northward. A warm front over the Upper Great Lakes is marking the leading edge of the hottest and most humid air. Rain and thunderstorms are widespread along this front.

This front will push northward into Canada and will never be well defined in the Finger Lakes. As a result, our chances for rain today are low while no rain is expected Tuesday. If it rain today, it will probably just be a brief spit of light showers during the latter part of the morning or early afternoon.

Some cloud cover from the remains of these storms will help keep temperatures in check today with highs reaching the mid 80s.

The dewpoint will surge into the low and mid 70s this afternoon, making the heat index rise into the 90s. This level of humidity will rival the most humid days we have had in a very humid summer.

By Tuesday, the front will be well north into Canada, opening our region to higher temperatures. Skies will be sunny and there will be little to prevent temperatures from shooting up rapidly. Morning lows will start near or just above 70 degrees with afternoon highs into the low 90s.

With the exteme humidity, heat index values will approach 100 degrees in many areas. Some of the more urbanized areas could see heat index values reach 105 degrees. Wednesday will end up being similar.

The heat will break Wednesday night as a cold front moves through the region. Thursday will be much cooler with highs returning to the mid 70s.

Heat Safety

This level of heat is dangerous and can easily lead to heat stress. Please take proper precautions to avoid heat related illnesses.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol — these will not hydrate your body.

Avoid strenuous activity during the late morning and afternoon hours. Take frequent breaks and seek shade if you must be outside working.

Remember to check on the elderly, home-bound, and others who may be unable to care for themselves or analyze their situation. Pets, too, should be given extra care with plenty of water and cool air. Avoid walking your dog on hot blacktop.

Never leave your children, the elderly, or pets in a parked car, even for a few minutes. In this heat, it only takes minutes for the heat to build to dangerous levels inside a car. Cracking a window is not enough.

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