Rain moves east Wednesday

Rain continues to push east across the Finger Lakes Wednesday morning. Many places have already seen 2-4", though some have seen more.
Rain continues to push east across the Finger Lakes Wednesday morning. Many places have already seen 2-4″, though some have seen more.

Heavy rain Tuesday night will taper to showers as Wednesday morning transitions into the afternoon.

The front and associated low pressure responsible for the rain continues to make slow progress towards the east this morning. Most of the heavy rain has moved towards New England, but a final band of moderate rain is moving from western New York into the Finger Lakes. This band of rain should exit the region by this afternoon, but could put down another 0.5-1″ of rain.

As was expected, a band of heavy rain set up last night across the eastern portions of the Finger Lakes. This was just a bit further west than I expected, but within this band, rainfall amounts were well over 3″. Thankfully, the only report over 5″ I have seen was in Pennsylvania, but a few more places may eclipse the 5″ mark as that final band moves through. Major flooding was avoided, but this event has soaked the ground and filled area streams.

Thursday and Friday should be dry, but a bit cool across the Finger Lakes. All eyes now turn towards Hurricane Joaquin. Its track and potential impact on the Finger Lakes remains highly uncertain. While it remains within the realm of possibility for a complete miss and a dry weekend, more likely than not, at least some rain associated with Joaquin, directly or indirectly, will make its way into our area. Temperatures may also be quite chilly on Saturday, depending on the presence of any rain.

Stay tuned.

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