Summer sizzles on in Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast hot temperatures
Dry and increasingly hot temperatures will persist for much of this week.

Dry and increasingly hot temperatures will persist for much of this week.

Above Normal Temperatures

Temperatures over the past week have generally been around normal. However, the summer sizzle is working back into the Finger Lakes.

Tuesday’s high temperatures will again be in the middle and low 80s. This is about 8-12 degrees above normal.

High pressure centered over the Southeastern United States will continue to push warmer air north towards the Finger Lakes.

As a result, temperatures Wednesday will be in the upper 80s, with low 90s possible on Thursday.

A cold front will move through Thursday night, sending temperatures back into the 70s and 80s for Friday. Saturday, however, could shoot back up well into the 90s.

Above normal temperatures are likely to persist into the middle of September. Precipitation will likely remain well below normal as well.

Hermine Lingers Near New England

hermine new england new jersey coast
Hermine continues to meander off the coast of New England. [National Hurricane Center]
Hermine continues to meander off the southern coast of New England. A general westward drift is expected today and Wednesday before turning back towards the east on Thursday.

Tropical Storm force winds, high pounding surf and coastal flooding remain a threat across Long Island, southern New England and parts of New Jersey.

Hermine should finally dissipate later Thursday into Friday before the front that moves through our region picks up the remnants and lifts them out to sea.

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