Lake Effect Snows linger across Finger Lakes

finger lakes lake effect snow storm snow accumulation november 20 november 21 november 22 2016
While the worst of the storm is over, flurries and squalls will linger into Tuesday evening.

While the worst of the storm is over, flurries and squalls will linger into Tuesday evening.

Lake Effect Slow to Dissipate

Lake effect snow continues Tuesday morning across many of the areas that have seen near constant snow since Saturday evening. Snow totals are very impressive, and a couple of more inches may be added today.

Lake effect squalls will persist into the midday hours, especially in the area of Rochester to Penn Yan to Ithaca, where a still strong band of snow is in place. South of this band, there should be little more than a few flurries. To the north, more persistent flurries and some squalls will be possible.

This afternoon, the squalls should diminish to areas of flurries. The lake effect may reorganize some this evening, with some additional squalls in the same areas.

Finally, during Wednesday morning, the lake effect should come to a gradual and complete end.

The end of lake effect events are often difficult to nail down. The computer weather models tend to end the events prematurely, with lake effect sometimes lingering for an extra day or so past what was originally expected.

Impressive Snow Totals

While the snow is not quite done, the snow totals that are coming out are already very impressive. Much of the area is well over a foot, with some areas along the I-90 Corridor around 30 inches so far.

A finalized list of amounts which includes the snow that fell Monday night has not been published by the National Weather Service at the time of this publication. I will have more information on snow totals either later tonight or on Wednesday.

In the mean time, please continue to send me your snow amounts and pictures. Don’t forget to include your location when reporting.

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