Another round of thunderstorms brings more flooding concerns Monday

finger lakes weather forecast monday july 17 2017 flash flooding thunderstorms
Even a moderate thunderstorm may be enough to provoke flooding over the rain drenched southeast Finger Lakes Monday afternoon.

More Flooding Possible Monday Afternoon

An elevated risk for flash flooding once again threatens the southeastern Finger Lakes where the ground remains saturated and extremely prone to flooding.

Live Weather Updates

A weak storm system is slowly meandering east today and will push into the Finger Lakes early this afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms will develop in a warm, muggy environment across the central and eastern Finger Lakes as a result.

The thunderstorms that develop across our region will be disorganized and scattered. Generally speaking, they should not be too strong, though there is a small chance for some strong winds as the storms organize.

The biggest threat will be flash flooding once again.

The atmosphere is not as primed for torrential downpours as it was last week. Typically, the type of rain today would not be worth a second thought. However, so much rain fell and the ground is so saturated, that the what is usually routine is now threatening.

In the areas that were hit hard last week, rain amounts of one-half to one inch per hour would be enough to provoke flash flooding. Rain fall rates today could easily eclipse one inch per hour, as they often do in even moderate thunderstorms.

The greatest threat will be in the areas outlined in orange. These are the areas that saw in excess of 2.5 inches last week and have the best chance for seeing heavy rain today. Areas immediately west of Keuka Lake (Yellow shading) also saw heavy rain last week, but have a lower chance for heavy rain today, resulting in a low threat for flash flooding.

A Plea for Safety

During the flooding last week, I saw numerous videos of people driving through flood waters, including one particularly disturbing video from Route 38A just outside of Moravia where the water was flowing extremely fast over the road.

Route 38A remains closed due to the wash out that occurred.

Driving through raging flood waters is extremely dangerous! There is no way to tell just how deep the water is, as the road underneath may be completely washed away. What looks like an inch or two of water could be a foot or more, which can easily carry most passenger vehicles.

Such actions not only put your life in danger but also the lives of first responders should you need rescuing.

If you come across flood waters, turn around, find an alternate route, and alert the authorities. Flash flooding is dangerous and the most deadly weather phenomenon in the country and our region is no exception. This cannot be stressed enough.

Another Small Break, But No Pattern Change

Thankfully, the weather will settle down again for Tuesday and Wednesday. A few stray showers will be possible either day, but most of the area will remain dry and any rain that falls should be insignificant.

Temperatures will reach into the low 80s both days and it will remain at least marginally muggy.

Unfortunately, the overall pattern we are in is not changing. With a large dome of heat and humidity to our south, we will continue to be in the favored zone for storm systems.

While the day to day specifics of when and where thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected, storm systems on Thursday and towards Sunday/Monday will both have the potential for additional heavy rain in our area.



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