August starts summery — but for how long?

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The Finger Lakes may be enjoying a break in the cool, rainy weather now, but will soon revert back to more dismal weather. [Photo by Ted Marks]

Nice Weather Continues, but with Some Bumps

The great weather that has been in the Finger Lakes the last few days will largely continue, but with a few bumps along the way as a couple of storm systems move towards the region.

Tuesday will be very similar to Monday, with plenty of sunshine, warm, but not-too-hot temperatures, and a few scattered showers and storms in the afternoon.

Due to the slow moving nature of the small area of storms that developed over the western Finger Lakes Monday afternoon, some locally heavy rain did fall for a few isolated locations.

Such a scenario is possible again this afternoon. While the majority of the region will not see any rain, one or two spots could see some downpours. If these fall in the wrong place, some very localized flooding issues could arise, but by and large, this is not a widespread concern today.

Temperatures will be similar to Monday, with mostly low 80s. Wednesday will be warmer, with a few spots pushing the upper 80s, some of the higher elevations remaining in the low 80s, with the rest of the area in the mid 80s.

Showers and storms will become more numerous on Wednesday, but will still be scattered. A disturbance passing through will trigger these during the afternoon. No significant severe weather is expected.

Thursday will be more like Monday and Tuesday than Wednesday, with just a few isolated showers and storms. Temperatures will be warm though, with most areas in the mid 80s again.

Friday will be the hottest day of the week with many upper 80s showing up. This could set the stage for some strong thunderstorms late in the day and in the evening as a cold front approaches.

Weather Pattern Reverts

Unfortunately, the Finger Lakes appears to be on borrowed time. The warm, dry weather is not expected to last beyond this week.

Longer range models are in good agreement that another cool period will settle in, starting this weekend and lasting through next week and possibly into the middle of August.

Instead of highs in the 80s, most days will be below normal in the low or mid 70s. There will, of course, be exceptions to this, but those looking for heat will continue to be disappointed.

The trends are for an increased chance for above normal precipitation as well. The day-to-day weather will have to be resolved in the future, but an active weather pattern can be expected.

Whether this means showers, thunderstorms, or excessive rain is uncertain at this time.

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