Nice week ahead as temperatures warm in the Finger Lakes

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Sunshine and warming temperatures will make for a nice week in the Finger Lakes. Only a few late week showers from the remains Irma are possible. [Photo by Joan Lockwood]

High Pressure in Control

An area of high pressure is centered over the Finger Lakes Monday morning. This high will influence our weather throughout the week.

For this morning, the clear skies and calm winds beneath the high are resulting in another chilly start to the day. Temperatures are in the 40s and even 30s again but will warm quickly as the sun climbs higher in the sky.

By this afternoon, temperatures should push into the low 70s for the first time in a week. Skies will remain sunny, though some high, thin clouds will move in from the south.

These clouds will be the very edge of a quickly weakening Irma as its remnant low drifts northwest into the Tennessee Valley.

High pressure will also be on the move and will head towards the Mid-Atlantic and eventually off the coast of the Carolinas.

This will place the Finger Lakes in a southerly flow of warmer air, which should keep temperatures in the 50s to upper 40s tonight with highs Tuesday in the mid and upper 70s.

Again, some clouds from the remains of Irma may filter the sunshine, but should not be much of a nuisance.

Scattered Showers Late Week

By Wednesday, the weak low pressure system that was once Hurricane Irma will be in the Ohio Valley. Precipitation associated with this low will be limited to a few areas of showers enhanced by the afternoon sun.

Some of those showers will make their way into the Finger Lakes.

The shower activity should be very limited and quite light. Many areas will probably see little to no rain from Irma on Wednesday.

Temperatures will continue to warm, despite any shower activity, with highs pushing 80 degrees.

Thursday and even Friday will be similar, with pop-up afternoon showers during an otherwise sunny, mild day. Highs should reach the mid and upper 70s with a few 80 degree readings as well.

The warm weather should persist into the weekend as the chances for showers diminish.

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