Temperatures trend back upwards after frosty Tuesday morning

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Sunny skies and southerly winds will help temperatures rebound from a frosty start Tuesday morning.

Cold to Start Tuesday, But Not Much More

Some of the coldest air yet this season has settled into the Finger Lakes for a very chilly, frosty Tuesday morning.

High pressure over the Ohio Valley has cleared out the clouds and wind from Monday. Combined with the cool air that moved into our region behind Sunday’s cold front, it was a perfect recipe for a cold morning.

As expected, temperatures this morning range from the upper 20s to the mid 30s for most of the Finger Lakes.

finger lakes weather tuesday october 17 2017 morning low temperatures 7am
Temperatures as of 7 am across the Finger Lakes region. How cold did it get in your town? Let me know in the comments! Click to enlarge. [Created with the NWS EDD]
Frost and freeze conditions are impacting most of the area, but as the sun climbs higher in the sky, temperatures should quickly start to rebound.

The warming temperatures will be aided by the introduction of a south wind, courtesy of a small storm system moving well north of the region across Canada.

A brief period of some scattered clouds may swing through in association with that system, but most of the day will have bright sunshine. No precipitation will fall.

Temperatures will end up close to the seasonal normal values, with highs around 60 degrees.

Back Above Normal Starting Wednesday

The Finger Lakes will fall back into a pattern of sunny, dry conditions and above normal temperatures.

South winds will persist through tonight and into Wednesday and Thursday, providing a steady stream of warmer air.

Despite clear skies once again tonight, temperatures will be 10-15 degrees warmer, with lows ranging from the low and mid 40s to near 50 degrees.

Wednesday’s high temperatures will climb into the upper 60s with highs Thursday nearing 70 degrees.

Winds will turn more west-northwesterly on Friday, reducing temperatures to the low and mid 60s.

The south wind will quickly return for the weekend, sending temperatures well into the 70s once again.

Rain is not expected to return to the Finger Lakes until early next week when a strong storm system sends temperatures dropping once again.

This is, of course, not good news for the region, much of which is considered to be in the beginning stages of a drought.

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2 Responses

  1. John

    Great owl migration last night following that NW front. Watched the temp go to 32 then bounce back to 34 round midnight before ending at 29 this AM at 0700.

  2. Peter Readel

    36*@8am in Canandaigua.