Cooler air settles into the Finger Lakes

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Temperatures will be cooler in the Finger Lakes for a couple of days. An even bigger cold spell looms on the horizon for next week.[Photo by Joan Lockwood]

Temperatures Slip Below Normal Briefly

Cool air is working around low pressure situated to the northwest of the Finger Lakes and will briefly send temperatures below normal.

Temperatures this morning in the Finger Lakes region range from the upper 30s to the upper 40s, which is actually still above normal.

Southwest winds will continue to transport in cool air that is wrapping all the way around the parent low pressure.

A couple of showers are scattered across the eastern Finger Lakes this morning in response to this influx of cooler air.

The chances for a couple light, scattered showers will persist through the day and into the evening. Many areas will see very little to no rain and some sun will shine from time to time.

Temperatures will settle within a couple of degrees of normal, with highs ranging through the 50s. Areas further south and west will be cooler, with low and mid 50s, while the northern and parts of the eastern Finger Lakes will be more likely to reach the upper 50s.

Clouds will keep temperatures from dropping too far tonight, with lows again in the upper 30s to mid 40s. Thursday will be cloudier with a few more scattered showers.

This should help keep temperatures a bit below normal, with highs generally within a degree or two on either side of 50 degrees.

An increase in sunshine and a warming south wind will push temperatures back into the upper 50s Friday and upper 60s on Saturday.

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Next Large Storm System Looms

After a nice start to the weekend Saturday, conditions will likely go downhill quick for Sunday.

A large, strong storm system is expected to ride up the east coast, possibly combining with a secondary system moving through the Great Lakes.

There is still a fair amount of time for the models to adjust and tweak, so the details of what to expect are not yet set in stone.

Still, a much needed soaking rain will be possible Sunday into Monday along with another round of strong winds.

While the details of the actual system are still unclear, it seems likely that a more significant surge of cold air will settle in behind this system.

The intensity of the cold air may only be a little more significant than the current cool spell, with highs next week generally in the 40s and low 50s.

However, this cool air will likely stick around for quite a while with near to slightly below normal temperatures into the first part of November.

Lake effect precipitation will be possible next week behind this system as well. Most of this will fall as rain outside of the Finger Lakes, but parts of the western Southern Tier, in particular, may see a couple wet snowflakes mix in.

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2 Responses

  1. Mary Ann

    This morning at 7:30 am there was a very interesting orange cloud with a bright full rainbow superimposed on it. It was just stunning. This was looking to the West over the village of Dryden. I have never seen such a bright orange cloud before. What caused the orange color?

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Mary Ann! Things were very orange here in Groton this morning, too.

      Just like with a sunset, the angle of the rising sun coming through the clouds can result in brilliant colors. There were some light showers in the vicinity as well, which likely was the cause of the rainbow.

      Glad you got to see such a sight!