Flurries Thursday before widespread, light snow Friday

finger lakes weather forecast thursday february 8 2018 snow map friday februrary 9 2018
Active weather will continue across the Finger Lakes with snow showers on Thursday and light, widespread snow on Friday. [Photo by Janet Steiner]

Active Weather Pattern Persists

There will be little respite from the busy weather pattern in the Finger Lakes as a parade of weather systems continues to impact the area.

Thursday is starting out with some lake effect flurries and squalls.

These are mostly over the northern and eastern Finger Lakes and they will quickly move north this morning as winds turn towards the west.

By this afternoon, a small disturbance will swing through with a new round of scattered snow showers and perhaps a heavier burst or two of snow.

Total snow accumulations today should be an inch or less for most areas.

Temperatures, which are starting in the teens, will rise into the low and mid 20s this afternoon.

Friday morning will start with teens and a few single digits after skies briefly clear overnight.

More Snow Friday

finger lakes weather forecast snow map friday february 9 2018
Snow amounts on Friday will vary from an inch or so across the Southern Tier to several inches further north. Click the map to enlarge.

Another low pressure system will pass by the Finger Lakes on Friday.

This system will move from west to east across northern Pennsylvania, spreading snow all across the region starting Friday morning.

Overall, the snow from this system will generally be light with a period of some moderate snow during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Snow will fall for the longest amount of time across the northern Finger Lakes. Closer to the center of low pressure, the Southern Tier will see less snow.

In all, the highest snow totals are expected to be just outside of the Finger Lakes across Western New York and the Tug Hill region.

A few inches will fall across the northern half of the Finger Lakes, while areas further south just see an inch or two.

The snow should taper off Friday evening for most of the Finger Lakes, but areas near the shore of Lake Ontario may remain in the snow through Saturday morning.

Temperatures Friday will be in the mid and upper 20s and should rise into the low 30s for the southern and eastern Finger Lakes overnight.

Busy Weekend Weather, Too

At least two more low pressure systems will impact the Finger Lakes this weekend as well.

Friday’s system will leave a frontal boundary draped over the Finger Lakes, which will serve as a focal point for periods of precipitation.

Snow showers across the northern Finger Lakes will continue Saturday while areas further south and east may actually warm enough to turn to rain showers.

Where the delimiting line between rain and snow ends up remains uncertain, but that area will be at risk for some ice Saturday night as the first low moves by.

Precipitation will increase Saturday evening with all modes of precipitation — rain, ice, and snow possible.

That batch of precipitation should move out by Sunday morning with another low pressure tracking over the area Sunday afternoon.

At this time, with a path directly over the Finger Lakes, the precipitation from this system should be light with heavier rain to the east and heavier snow to the west.

The evolution of the weekend’s weather is still uncertain, especially in regards to precipitation type. Continue to check back for more details over the next couple of days.

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