Sunny, mild stretch for the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast monday february 26 2018 sunny mild high pressure
The next several days will be sunny and warm in the Finger Lakes.

High Pressure Builds In

A large area of high pressure will pass through the region during the first half of this week, bringing some very nice weather to the Finger Lakes.

Early Monday morning, a few clouds were still working their way out of the eastern portions of the region. These clouds will continue to press east, leaving mostly sunny skies in their wake.

High pressure, which is over the Ohio Valley today will slowly drift into the Mid-Atlantic and then off the East Coast over the next two days.

As a result, sunny skies are expected for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

With the high pressure to the south, the Finger Lakes will be in a west-southwest flow of milder air.

Temperatures will reach the mid and upper 40s on Monday, the low and mid 50s on Tuesday, and into the upper 50s on Wednesday.

Overnight temperatures will drop into the upper 20s Monday night and low 30s Tuesday night.


Late Week System Ushers in Cooler Air

Active weather will return to the Finger Lakes Thursday into Friday as a complex storm system lifts into the area.

At this time, there is a large amount of uncertainty with the evolution of this system.

Everything remains on the table, from a purely rain event to even a heavy snow event.

Most likely at this point will be some sort of rain to snow event where higher elevations see the most accumulation.

Figuring out this system will be the primary focus this week, so check back daily for updates.

Behind this system, temperatures should settle into a cooler pattern. The expected temperatures should generally be near normal for early March, which means 30s for highs.

A big shot of significant cold does not seem to be on our horizon.


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