Wonderful weather probably won’t extend to Memorial Day

finger lakes weather forecast thursday may 24 2018 memorial day weekend rain
Thursday will be picture perfect in the Finger Lakes, but unfortunately, this weather won’t last through the holiday weekend. [Photo by Helen Heizyk]

Picture Perfect Weather

The weather for Thursday will be just about perfect for late May with ample sunshine, light winds, and warm temperatures.

Bright, sun-filled skies have been in place since the sun rose this morning with little to no morning fog or cloud cover.

Skies will stay brilliantly blue throughout the day with nothing more than a few small fair-weather clouds if even that.

Temperatures will quickly shoot up through the 50s and 60s this morning on the way to highs in the mid and upper 70s.

Winds will be light, with just an occasional whisper of a breeze.

Tonight, temperatures will slowly slide back into the 60s for a pleasant evening.

Friday will bring much of the same with a few subtle differences.

First, there will be more in the way of thin, high clouds on Friday. There will still be bountiful sunshine, though.

Winds will pick up a little bit from the southwest, with most areas seeing top gusts over 20 mph.

Lastly, those southwest winds will help push temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s.

Memorial Day Weekend Weather

The nice weather should extend into Saturday as well, though it will start to feel uncomfortably warm and humid for some.

Additional clouds will filter some of the sunshine on Saturday. That will have little to no impact on the temperature, however, as southwest winds continue to pump warm air into the region.

High temperatures on Saturday should reach the mid 80s for many areas. A few locations in Monroe and Wayne County could see the upper 80s.

Late in the day, a couple of isolated showers or small thunderstorms may pop up as dew points push into the upper 50s and 60s. Almost all of the region should remain dry, though.

The chances for rain will increase Sunday and Monday.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected throughout both days. This does not mean the weather will be a washout, however.

The disturbances that will kick off some showers are weak and upper atmospheric support is minimal.

Th exact evolution of the weather these days remains uncertain, but at the very least, severe weather is looking fairly unlikely at this time.

The forecast should continue to evolve and become more clear over the next 48 hours, so continue to check back for updates.

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