Cloudy and chilly with lake showers lingering

finger lakes weather forecast wednesday october 24 2018 cloudy cold lake effect rain showers
Skies will remain cloudy with some lake effect showers on Wednesday with chilly temperatures.

Raw & Dreary Weather Forecast

Wednesday will be a cloudy, cold day across the Finger Lakes as north winds continue to blow on the backside of Tuesday’s low pressure system.

Thick clouds blanket the area this morning as moisture wraps around the low, which is now situated just off the coast of Maine. With plenty of moisture and cold air, lake effect showers are scattered about this morning as well.

There will be little change to our weather over the course of the day.

finger lakes weather surface map wednesday october 24 2018
With low pressure off the coast of Main and high pressure over Michigan, the Finger Lakes will get a steady dose of moist, cold northwest winds. [Click to enlarge map.]
Clouds will remain thick and sunshine will be scarce at best. The lake effect should drift westward this morning and dissipate to a few stray sprinkles by the afternoon, only to flare up again this evening. Some of that activity could turn to some wet snow over the higher elevations of the eastern Finger Lakes and Central New York.

Temperatures this morning are mostly in the upper 30s with a few low 40s and a few mid 30s. Look for temperatures to only rise a couple degrees all day, with most places topping out just above 40 degrees.

Winds will be steady from the northwest with a few gusts over 25 mph, especially across the Southern Tier this morning.

Overnight temperatures will drop into the low and mid 30s for most areas. Right along the shore of Lake Ontario, upper 30s are more likely while parts of the Southern Tier could slip into the upper 20s.

A few lake effect showers and flurries will linger into Thursday morning as high pressure begins to build in. These should dissipate by the early afternoon and some sunshine may work out for the second half of the day.

High temperatures Thursday will again be in the low 40s with a steady northwest wind.

Stormy Weekend Weather

A large storm system partially spawned by the remains of what was Hurricane Willa will move across the northern Gulf of Mexico and into the Southeastern United States.

By Friday morning, thin clouds on the leading edge of this system will begin to move into the Finger Lakes. The cloud cover should increase throughout the day, but conditions are expected to remain dry Friday.

Morning temperatures will range from the upper 20s to mid 30s while afternoon temperatures reach mid and upper 40s.

it seems likely that at least some rain from this storm will make it into the Finger Lakes this weekend.

I currently expect rain to increase from south to north Saturday morning with the possibility for steadier rain to persist into the evening hours.

Sunday looks more showery and less likely to have steady rain. A few wet snowflakes could mix in over higher elevations Saturday night, but I am not currently expecting accumulating snow.

Rain amounts look to be very roughly around an inch, but uncertainty remains high, and amounts closer to two inches, or much less, are still possible.

Showers may then linger into Monday or even Tuesday as a piece of low pressure gets left behind and slowly meanders through our region.

Temperatures during this weekend will depend on the track of the storm, but most likely will stick in the 40s.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris Androski

    Hi Drew,
    Love your weather site. We view it every day. We live in Hershey, PA. and will be spending a few days in the Finger Lakes next week. How cold might it be? We like the cold but need to know what to bring to be warm. Thanks for your help.

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Chris! Thanks so much for checking in from Hershey! I hope you did not personally experience any of the flooding this summer.

      Next week is looking like low and mid 40s to start the week and possibly low 50s to end the week. Overnight temperatures will mostly be in the 30s.

      Hope you have a great time in the FLX!

  2. Shirley Rice

    Is it my imagination or are we getting much more overcast and sodden weather in recent years. We go for whole weeks on gray and rain, a day or so of sunshine, and then back to the gray. It is dispiriting.

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Shirley. Cloudy grey weather is very common here. I’d have to do some digging to see if we are getting more cloudy days than normal, but my gut feeling is we aren’t. I’ll let you know if I get some time to find some data though!