Weekend Nor’easter approaching the Finger Lakes

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Clouds will increase Friday as the weekend’s storm approaches. [Photo by Nanci McCraine]

Quiet Friday

Friday will be the proverbial calm before the storm in the Finger Lakes.

High pressure is in control of the region today though clouds out ahead of this weekend’s storm system area already filtering into the Finger Lakes.

The clouds should thicken throughout the day today, but no rain will fall. A little sun will shine through the clouds, especially during the morning.

Winds will be light today with a gentle southeast breeze. Temperatures across much of the Finger Lakes will approach 50 degrees. Higher elevations of the Southern Tier and Central New York will see mid and upper 40s.

Clouds will become a thick overcast tonight with a few showers sneaking in as early as midnight. The steady rain will press in from the south between 3-6 am.

Temperatures will hold in the upper 30s most of the night, but as the rain begins, could drop back into the mid 30s. A few higher elevations could see wet snow mix in.

Rainy, Raw Saturday & Sunday

Rain will become widespread and heavy during the morning hours as low pressure tracks northeast along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Confidence is high that a prolonged, soaking rain will fall for much of Saturday.

Widespread rain amounts between one and two inches are likely on Saturday. Winds will be from the northeast and strongest over the higher elevations of Central New York. There, gusts over 40 mph may be possible. The rest of the Finger Lakes should not be excessively windy.

The forecast confidence tumbles during the second half of the afternoon and into the evening. Precipitation will continue, but the difference between rain, mixed precipitation, and snow is very thin.

I still maintain that most if not all the area will remain rain though I am less certain about higher elevations.

High temperatures have trended colder with most areas now expected to struggle to even reach 40 degrees. Overnight temperatures should hold in the upper 30s for most with mid 30s in higher elevations.

Precipitation will taper off after midnight Saturday, leaving light rain showers for Sunday. I still expect high temperatures on Sunday to reach the mid 40s. The wind on Sunday will also be less.

Next Week Preview

A quick moving system will get wrapped up into the nor’easter on Monday. This will mean more light rain showers across the Finger Lakes.

Temperatures Monday will continue to be stagnant, with morning lows in the low 40s and afternoon highs in the mid to perhaps upper 40s.

Sunshine and dry weather will return for Tuesday with highs pushing close to 50 degrees.

Showers look possible for Halloween, but temperatures will top out in the low 50s with mid and upper 40s during the evening trick-or-treat time.

A new weather pattern will start to evolve as we head into November. Temperatures should increase with well above normal temperatures possible during the second and third weeks of November.

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