More storms likely Friday and Saturday in the Finger Lakes

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Scattered showers and storms are likely Friday with more widespread action on Saturday. A few storms could be strong. [Photo by Wendy Bandurksi #redreamer]

A Few Strong Storms

The Finger Lakes will be subject to more showers and thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday as an active jet stream positions itself overhead.

Disturbances in the jet stream, associated with areas of higher wind speeds aloft, will approach the Finger Lakes both Friday and Saturday afternoons. The timing of these disturbances will coincide with daytime heating to trigger thunderstorms.

This is also what happened on Thursday. Also like yesterday, while the overall atmosphere is not particularly conducive for severe weather, there is just enough present that localized conditions could lead to some intense weather. Damaging winds and lightning will be the primary threats.

Neither Friday nor Saturday will be complete washouts. Most of the time, it will be quiet and dry.

Showers and storms will begin to pop up as early as 2 PM Friday afternoon. Initially, development is expected in the Southern Tier. Storms will then move and expand to the north and east. As the sun sets this evening, storms will quickly dissipate.

The storms today should remain rather scattered, so not everyone will see rain or storms today.

On Saturday, thunderstorms will develop by the mid-afternoon hours. These storms will track east-southeast and should be more widespread than the storms on Friday. The storms may also linger for a few hours after sunset.

I feel the set up for severe storms is better on Saturday than on Friday with stronger winds aloft and better daytime heating. Be weather aware both days, however.

Turning Hot

After Saturday’s disturbance passes by, the jet stream will lift north of the area, exposing us to southwest winds and warm and humid air.

Sunday should be sunny and dry. Temperatures will push into the low and mid 80s while dewpoints rise into the 60s.

Monday will become even warmer with many places pushing towards 90 degrees. There will be a chance for a couple scattered showers and storms as another piece of energy slides through. Dewpoints will rise above 70 degrees, making it feel oppressively humid.

The weather for Tuesday is less certain as a front settles in over the area. This should lead to showers and thunderstorms developing in the warm, muggy air. The timing of the storm development will influence how warm it gets.

Showers and storms may linger into Wednesday before the front finally clears the area. Temperatures for the end of the week will be cooler behind the front.

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  1. Joseph Palumbo

    Thank you both!

  2. John Gregoire

    It would be better to reference the cooperator reports than that second link. Meck 4 SW, our station, received a very welcome 1.13. We were outdone by the Alpine area which received well over two and a half inches with concomitant flood alerts. Further South and West we had two radar indications of tornado which never touched down but triggered multiple warnings. The link you want is to the Cooperative Observer product which gives 24 hr rain by county by station. That’s both more accurate and has a wider spread of reliable info.

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Got a link?

  3. Joseph Palumbo

    So how much rain did our area get yesterday and last night? Cant seem to find it here…