Clouds work their way back into the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast thursday april 2 2020
Clouds will fight with sunshine for control of the sky today and will eventually win out. [Photo by Gwen Moshier]

Meandering Coastal Low

Clouds will be on the increase in the Finger Lakes today as a large weather system meanders off the coast of New England.

The morning is starting out with some areas of sun and some areas of clouds. Mixed skies will continue throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Eventually, clouds will become more common than sun as moisture increases.

Gusty northwest winds will develop this morning and persist into the afternoon. Gusts over 30 mph will be possible, especially over higher elevations, and especially over the southeastern half of the region.

Temperatures will be in the mid and upper 40s. A few areas along and north of I-90 may sneak to or above 50 degrees.

Clouds will continue to increase tonight and a few rain showers or flurries will enter the picture by Friday morning.

Friday will remain cloudy with on and off rain showers. Higher elevations may hang onto a mix of snow and rain, or see just light snow, well into the daytime hours Friday.

Precipitation tomorrow will not be heavy and will slightly favor the morning. Higher elevation fog will also be a possibility.

Temperatures will be cooler than today, with highs mostly in the low 40s with a few mid 40s in the typically warmer areas of the northern Finger Lakes.

finger lakes weather 7-day forecast thursday april 2 2020
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Weekend Weather and Beyond

Clouds will linger into Saturday, but precipitation should disappear. Some late sunshine will gradually overspread the region, but some southern areas may not see skies clear until after sunset.

Nonetheless, temperatures Saturday should be warmer as the influence from the now weaker coastal low diminishes. Look for highs generally in the mid 50s.

Sunday will have a mix of some sun and clouds as an afternoon cold front approaches. It is looking less and less likely that we will actually see rain from this front, though a shower here or there cannot be ruled out completely.

Temperatures should again reach into the mid 50s Sunday afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday will continue the trend of temperatures in the 50s. A few areas may get to 60 degrees on Tuesday.

Both days will have a mix of sun and clouds, though Monday looks a bit sunnier, and Tuesday a bit cloudier. A few scattered rain showers will also be possible on Tuesday.

A cold front will move through late Tuesday or Tuesday night with increasing chances for rain.

That front will keep temperatures below normal for the rest of the week with highs in the 40s or even upper 30s. We may even see some light, non-accumulating snow showers toward the end of the week.

Overall, the pattern for April is trending toward near to slightly below normal temperatures, especially during the middle and latter part of the month. By the end of April, though, normal highs are in the low 60s.

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  1. Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

    Hi Mary Ann! I didn’t see those exact clouds, but I suspect they were altocumulus undulatus. Take a look online at that type and let me know if that is what you saw! Thanks!

  2. Mary Ann Lutz

    What is the name of the clouds this morning? They were in long lines, seperated . The only ones I can find on line that almost look like them are Morning Glory clouds from Australia. Did you see them? They were really neat?