Cloudy and cool ahead of overnight warm front

finger lakes weather forecast tuesday november 24 2020 cloudy cool warm front thanksgiving weather
Today will be the coolest day for the next week as a warm front tonight ushers in a new weather pattern. [Photo by Gwen Moshier]

Transition Tuesday

High pressure north of the Great Lakes will continue to supply cool air to the region while our next weather maker is taking shape over the southern Plains.

The clockwise flow of air around the high pressure will keep winds from the north and northwest for much of the day today. Wind speeds will be strongest this morning, but only at 5-10 mph.

The northerly winds will continue to feed off of the warmer waters of Lake Ontario, producing a few scattered snow showers this morning and plenty of cloud cover into the afternoon. The clouds will break up as the winds die down, but new clouds will already be streaming in from the southwest, limiting the opportunity for sunshine.

Temperatures will only rise a couple degrees today with most areas in the mid 30s.

Meanwhile, a strong southerly flow is setting up across the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys between the Canadian high and Plains low pressure systems. This push of warmer air will arrive in our region overnight tonight. A quick shot of light snow is possible, but with no more than a light coating accumulating.

Behind the snow, south winds will develop and increase with speeds of 10-15 mph by dawn. Areas along and near I-90 should rise into the low 40s before sunrise while areas to the south stick to the mid and upper 30s.

Skies will remain rather cloudy on Wednesday and rain will move into the region for the latter half of the afternoon. South winds will remain at around 10 mph, pushing afternoon temperatures into the mid 40s.

Rain showers will continue steadily into the evening before becoming more scattered after midnight. Temperatures may initially drop to near 40 Wednesday evening but should rise back into the mid 40s overnight.

finger lakes weather 7-day forecast tuesday november 24 2020
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected. Click to enlarge.
finger lakes weather 7-day forecast tuesday november 24 2020

Mild for the Holidays

However you choose and are able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the weather will not be a big concern over our region as mild air settles in.

Scattered rain showers will continue across our region on Thursday. While rain is possible at any time of the day, much of the time it will be dry. A few glimpses of sunshine may even be possible.

Steady south winds will continue but will not be overly strong with wind speeds mostly under 10 mph. Temperatures should climb well into the 50s. If a little afternoon sunshine does work out, a few places could make a run at 60 degrees.

Friday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 40s. The daytime heating will be combated by cooler air pressing in on light west winds. The two competing forces should cancel each other out, with temperatures mostly holding steady.

A few more rain showers will be possible, but like Thursday, most of the time it will be dry.

The final showers of the holiday weekend will come early Saturday before clouds decrease and the sun finally starts to shine across the Finger Lakes. Clear skies are expected Saturday night, with much of Sunday turning out sunny.

Temperatures will stay near or above the seasonal averages, with highs Saturday in the low and mid 40s while Sunday flirts with 50 degrees.

Wind and rain will be possible on Monday and Tuesday next week as a potent storm system develops. A cooler weather pattern should settle in behind that system for the start of December.

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