Temperatures peak Thursday and Friday before a quick drop this weekend

finger lakes weather forecast thursday october 26 2023 cloudy warm temperatures weekend cold front
Thursday will be another cloudy but warm day with highs into the 70s. Some sun should work out Friday afternoon with similar temperatures. [Photo by Gwen Moshier]

Above Average Temperatures

The overall weather pattern over North America has changed very little over the last couple of days and continues to favor warm temperatures in our region.

A southwest flow of mild air has set up between high pressure over North Carolina and an extended area of low pressure reaching from Colorado to the northern Great Lakes.

Our region remains close enough to the lower pressures that clouds will continue to be plentiful, even as temperatures top out near twenty degrees above average.

A small disturbance caught up in this southwest flow has brought some showers overnight. A few of these still linger across the northern half of the region at sunrise Thursday. They should quickly move out, leaving the area dry by mid-morning.

The rest of the day will be cloudy. There may be some thin spots in the clouds that allow some filtered sunlight at times. A stray spit of rain also cannot be totally ruled out.

Afternoon temperatures in the 70s will be widespread today. Some of the warmest areas, such as near Dansville, Corning, and Elmira, may sneak above 75 degrees. Even higher terrain should at least be near 70 degrees.

Southwest winds will be steady, but not overly strong. Wind speeds will remain under 10 mph and top gusts should remain under 20 mph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy with a few clear patches here and there. South and southwest winds will persist, helping hold temperatures between 55-60 degrees.

Again, a few stray showers will move through around dawn on Friday. Most areas will probably not see any rain, and the chances for rain will drop through the morning. The afternoon looks dry, but this time with some sunshine mixing with clouds.

Winds will remain from the southwest but may be a bit higher than today. Temperatures should be similar, if not a touch warmer, with low and mid 70s.

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Temperatures Fall

A pair of fronts will pass through this weekend, quickly taking temperatures from well above to well below average.

finger lakes weather 7-day forecast thu oct 26 | thur, a few am showers mid 70 | fri, a few am showers mid 70 | sat, scattered am showers upper 50 | sun, periods of rain upper 40 | mon, morning rain mid 40 | tues, cloudy low 40 | wed, rain, maybe some snow? near 40
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected. Click to enlarge.

Saturday will start very warm, with many areas not dropping below 60 degrees Friday night. A few areas may warm into the mid 60s Saturday morning, but the first cold front will be passing through.

Scattered showers will accompany the front during the morning, with some breaks of sunshine developing during the afternoon. Winds will turn to the northwest.

Temperatures will drop Saturday afternoon and should spend most of the time in the upper half of the 50s.

Skies will turn cloudy again Saturday night with widespread rain possible by dawn Sunday morning. Temperatures will have dropped to the mid 40s by this point.

The chances for a rainy day on Sunday have increased, and it could very well turn out to be another washout of a Sunday. Assuming this holds, temperatures will only rise a few degrees to the upper 40s.

Winds may go calm on Sunday as the low pressure system passes nearby, but northwest winds will set back up for Monday with speeds around 10 mph.

This will push more cold air into the region, with temperatures holding steady in the mid 40s throughout Monday.

Tuesday looks quiet but cloudy with morning lows in the low 30s and afternoon highs in the low 40s. A weather system will be possible towards the middle of next week and has a chance for at least some snow to mix in, if not accumulate at some higher elevations.

Quiet but cool weather looks likely behind that system for the first weekend of November.

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finger lakes weather 7-day forecast thu oct 26 | thur, a few am showers mid 70 | fri, a few am showers mid 70 | sat, scattered am showers upper 50 | sun, periods of rain upper 40 | mon, morning rain mid 40 | tues, cloudy low 40 | wed, rain, maybe some snow? near 40
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected.

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