Highest Heat Indices since 2013 Wednesday in the Finger Lakes

finger lakes heat index map
Heat Index Values will be dangerously high in the upper 90s for parts of the Finger Lakes today.

Heat Index Values will be dangerously high in the upper 90s for parts of the Finger Lakes today.

Hot in the Finger Lakes

It has been a hot summer so far. Up until today though, most of the heat has been a dry heat, with low humidity. Today, however, dew points in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees will combine with temperatures in the low and mid 90s to produce some dangerous heat index values not seen since 2013.

Temperatures will rocket upwards this morning under mostly sunny skies. By noon, some areas will already be pushing towards 90 degrees with the heat index already past 90. The highest heat index values today will be along and north of I-90, especially in urban centers. Rochester, Canandaigua, Geneva and Syracuse should all see heat index values above 97º. The rural areas may be a degree or two behind the cities. The remainder of the region should see temperatures near or just above 90 degrees, with heat index values in the low and mid 90s.

Please use caution dealing with the heat and humidity today. Avoid the outdoors if possible during the heat of the day and remain well hydrated. Check on those without air conditioning, especially the elderly. Don’t forget your pets, too! And it should go without saying by now to not even consider leaving a child or pet inside a parked car, even if the windows are open, even if it is for a short time.

A few scattered storms

There are two hopes for relief from the heat this afternoon. The first will be a steady breeze from the south which make it just a touch more bearable this afternoon. Secondly, a few isolated showers or thunderstorms may pop up during the later half of the afternoon. While most areas will probably not see any rain, those that do may see a temporary dip in the temperature.

Thursday will again be hot, but not quite as extreme. There will be a better chance for showers and thunderstorms as a stronger disturbance in the atmosphere moves through. Still, some areas will likely miss out on the rain all together, while others may see too much, too quickly. Scattered downpours are not helpful for the overall drought picture, though some temporary drought relief is likely for a few locations. Some storms tomorrow may have gusty winds, but widespread severe weather is unlikely.

Temperatures will cool somewhat for the weekend with a few chances for a couple scattered showers.

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