Extra sun should give temperatures an extra boost

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It will feel a bit like early spring Saturday afternoon in the Finger Lakes.

Temperatures will rise well into the 50s this afternoon across the Finger Lakes, with a few places reaching as high as the upper 50s.

Temperatures Soar Saturday

Temperatures are off and running this morning with widespread 40s across the Finger Lakes.

While skies were originally expected to be quite cloudy, significant breaks in the cloud cover have developed over the Finger Lakes, and, more importantly, across western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

There is a batch of thicker clouds between the two sunnier areas, so look for some midday cloudiness.

The sun should return this afternoon, helping temperatures push well into the 50s this afternoon.

Some areas will manage to push into the low 50s, while others will reach the upper 50s. Check your zip code forecast for the expectations for your neighborhood.

Temperatures will cool back into the 40s this evening, with a morning low Sunday around 40 degrees.

No precipitation is expected during the day or night Saturday.

Some locations that have a relatively short climate records (30-70 years) will likely break their record high for the day. However, longer climate records, such as those in Ithaca and Syracuse, will not even come close to the upper 60s that were recorded on this date in 1906.
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More Clouds Sunday

Clouds are much more likely on Sunday as a complex storm system strengthens over the Deep South.

A few showers may be possible, but most of the area should stay dry.

With the extra cloud cover, temperatures will not be able to get as warm on Sunday. However, temperatures will still be well above normal.

Most areas will see a high temperature within a couple degrees on either side of 50 degrees.

Early Week Storm Still Uncertain

The weather will likely start to go downhill during the daytime hours on Monday as the storm system approaches from the south.

As I blogged about yesterday, this remains a very uncertain event.

Since yesterday’s story, the chances for a significant snow have dropped slightly, but not enough to garner any extra confidence that a heavy snow will not occur.

Everything remains on the table at this point. Continue to monitor the forecast over the coming days. I will likely blog again about the storm towards midday Sunday, so be sure to check back for updates during Sunday afternoon.

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