Fog and showers linger Saturday

finger lakes weather forecast fog saturday rain showers
Areas of low visibility from dense fog will be possible throughout the Finger Lakes Saturday.

Fog, rain showers, and cool temperatures will be near constant companions Saturday across the Finger Lakes.

Dreary Saturday in the Finger Lakes

The front that lifted north through the area yesterday has sunk back down to the south and remains stalled out overhead.

A band of showers stretches from west to east across the northern Finger Lakes this morning. This should gradually shift south during the course of the day, though the showers may become lighter and more scattered by this afternoon.

By sunset, most of the rain will have moved south of the Finger Lakes and dissipated.

Even for areas not seeing any rain, fog is widespread across the region. Some of that fog is locally dense and could pose a travel hazard. Make sure your headlights are on and slow down a bit.

Temperatures this morning are stuck in the mid 30s, with little change expected throughout the day.

In fact, none of the weather conditions present this morning will change very much today. What you see now is likely similar to what it will be like at 5 pm this evening.

Front Lifts Back North Sunday

The front will take a trip back to the north on Sunday as an area of low pressure approaches. A few showers will be possible during the morning hours as the front moves through.

Much like on Friday, the warmest air will move into the western Finger Lakes while cooler temperatures hold on further east.

Generally speaking, though, temperatures look a bit cooler on Sunday than they were on Friday.

For areas along and west of I-390, this means temperatures well into the 50s. Most of the rest of the region will see upper and mid 40s for highs Sunday.

More rain will move in Sunday night and early Monday, with showers lingering into Tuesday. Temperatures will be more uniform those two days, with 50s and some 60s for everyone.

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  1. John

    Hoped to realize more than the .45 we received. Monthly deficit of over an inch at present and just as we started eating away a very little bit at the drought deficit.

    Hope you guys are well now. We both have miserable head colds.