Stubborn clouds slow to dissipate Saturday

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Clouds will be slow to dissipate across the Finger Lakes on Saturday as low-level moisture remains trapped underneath high pressure.

Saturday will turn out mostly cloudy with a few more lingering showers in the area before dry air works in.

Stubborn Clouds

High pressure has built into the area, but it is hard to tell with thick clouds and a few lingering showers remaining across much of the Finger Lakes.

Low-level moisture has been trapped beneath the high pressure system, keeping the clouds and showers in place. With light winds throughout the atmosphere, there is little to bring in the dry air that would erode the clouds away.

While today should not be quite as dreary and dismal as Friday was, it will unfortunately not be quite as pleasant, either.

Eventually, the sun may come out a bit late in the afternoon, especially for areas further west. Winds will turn towards the south overnight, which will help dispell the clouds for a time.

The good news is that this high pressure system has shunted a small low further south. The showers that were expected across the Southern Tier this morning are locked away to the south over Pennsylvania.

Sunday, Monday Still Looking Mostly Dry

Sunday is still looking like an overall nice day. The morning should start sunny with at least partial sunshine lasting well into the afternoon.

There will be some high, thin clouds in the sky out ahead of the next system.

A few scattered showers will be possible after 4 pm on Sunday, especially across southern and eastern areas. These showers should be scattered and light.

Temperatures will warm nicely thanks to the sun and south winds, with highs most places in the low 70s.

Showers and thunderstorms will become more numerous overnight and into the very early morning hours on Monday. Most of the rain should depart the area before 9 am on Monday, leaving the rest of Memorial Day dry with highs again in the 70s.

Photos Neededsubmit weather photos

It is time for another call for photos! As spring turns towards summer, my library of local photos could use some restocking.

I am looking for photos from in and around the Finger Lakes that show various types of weather, from sunny days to rain and thunderstorms.

Photos that include one of the Finger Lakes are especially desired, but that is certainly not a requirement.

I use the photos primarily for my blog posts, but also occasionally use them for marketing purposes as well.

It is important that photos are not resized, as I often need large files to work with. If you need any assistance in sharing your photos, just send me an email and I will be happy to help you out.

For more information, please see the Photo Submission page.

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