Heavy rain ends, but winds continue to howl across the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast monday october 30 2017 strong winds heavy rain wind warning
Rain will continue to pull away from the Finger Lakes this morning, but strong winds will persist throughout Monday.

Winds Whip Behind Storm

Rain is pulling out of the Finger Lakes this morning as low pressure moves north into Canada, but strong winds will continue to create problems throughout Monday.

Most of the Finger Lakes has seen the rain end already, and those parts of the eastern Finger Lakes still seeing rain will see it come to an end by mid-morning.

Impressive rain amounts of 3-4 inches fell from this system, but thankfully did not quite reach the excessive levels to produce significant flooding. Still, streams are high, basements are wet, and localized water problems will continue due to runoff.

The wind has drastically increased as the storm lifts north. Trees are falling due to the loose soil after all of the rain. Scattered power outages will continue throughout the day as a result.

Top wind gusts in excess of 50 mph are likely, especially over higher elevations and along and north of I-90.

The wind should lessen somewhat this afternoon, with top gusts closer to 45 mph. Further weakening of the wind is likely tonight, but winds will continue to gust over 30 mph throughout Tuesday. The wind will not truly die down until Tuesday night.

finger lakes weather rain estimates totals monday october 30 2017
Estimated rain totals across the Finger Lakes from 6 am Saturday through 6 am Monday show a widespread drenching rain of 3-4 inches. Click image to enlarge. [Map and data sourced from the NWS EDD]

Lake Effect Showers

While the widespread rain is over or ending, scattered showers will linger across the area through the day and into Tuesday off of Lake Erie.

These lake effect showers will be most prevalent from later this afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.

The lake effect bands will likely wobble to and fro across the region, but precipitation should never be too steady or heavy.

Some of the higher elevations could see a few snowflakes mix in from time to time overnight and into Tuesday with temperatures in the 30s and 40s and colder air working in aloft.

Outside of the showers, some periods of sunshine are possible.

Lake effect should end Tuesday night as winds turn more towards the south. Some showers are possible Wednesday as the next system moves in with light rain into Thursday.

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4 Responses

  1. Lynne

    In Belle Sherman in the city of Ithaca we had 3.9 inches as of the lull during Sunday afternoon. I emptied the gauge in anticipation of the evening rain. This morning there was an additional 4.5 inches.

  2. John

    Our 8 inch gauge here read 3.92 inches for storm total as of 0700. Some shower activity and wind since. Mecklenburg. john

  3. terry Carlisle

    Not scientific readings, but our three rain gauges all record around six inches of rain (ranging from 6 to 6.8 inches) between Saturday night about nine o’clock pm and this morning at seven fifteen am. Windy all night and continues this morning. Creek is running quite high, fast and muddy. Two sump pumps running in our basement. Enfield, NY 14850

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Thanks for the report, Terry!