Light mixed precipitation through the weekend in the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast friday february 9 2018 weekend weather snow ice
Light precipitation will linger around the Finger Lakes through the weekend with snow Friday and some mixed precipitation possible Saturday into Sunday. [Photo by Nanci McCraine]

Friday Snow

Snow will move into the Finger Lakes Friday morning and will fall steadily for a couple of hours.

Most areas should see snow by 10 am as it overspreads the region from west to east.

The snow will continue into the mid-afternoon hours before it begins to taper off from south to north.

finger lakes weather forecast snow map friday february 9 2018
An inch or two of snow will fall across the Finger Lakes, mostly between 10 am and 6 pm on Friday. Click the map to enlarge.

By 8 PM tonight, the snow should roughly be along and north of Route 20. South of there, a few spits of precipitation will be possible, but it will be light and spotty.

Precipitation will then continue to lift north out of the Finger Lakes this evening.

The snow may fall steadily but will have a hard time accumulating due to snowflake size and warm temperatures aloft.

As such, I’ve reduced snow totals for much of the region and am only expecting an inch or two for most of the Finger Lakes.

Areas further north and west will remain in the snow longer and have cooler temperatures aloft, resulting in high snow accumulations.

The heaviest snow will be west of Batavia, back towards Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Sloppy Weekend Forecast

A stalled out frontal boundary will linger over the Finger Lakes behind Friday’s disturbance.

Not only will this set the stage for bouts of generally light precipitation through the weekend, but there may be some issues with mixed or icy precipitation.

After quiet conditions through much of Friday night, precipitation will move back in for Saturday morning as temperatures rise into the low and mid 30s.

Snow will continue to fall near Lake Ontario, while mostly rain will fall across the Finger Lakes. However, a few pockets of freezing rain could make for some locally slick conditions.

This will especially be the case over the western Finger Lakes and Southern Tier.

The risk for ice will decrease later in the morning through the afternoon, but more widespread freezing rain may be possible Saturday evening into early Sunday morning.

This is the sort of set up where even a degree of difference in the temperature will have a significant impact on the forecast, so continue to check back for updates through the weekend as the forecast evolves.

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