Temperatures finally get a boost in the Finger Lakes

finger lakes weather forecast monday march 26 2018 sun warmer
This week will start out sunny with temperatures trending up towards normal levels for the first time in weeks.

Temperatures on the Rise

The Finger Lakes will see temperatures mostly at or above normal this week for the first time since late February.

A large area of high pressure is centered over northern New England this morning. This high pressure has been keeping our weather sunny and quiet, but now will finally begin to deliver some typical late March temperatures, too.

Southeast winds will set up across the region today. Typically, a southeast wind will not warm our area too much, but it is not a cold, north wind, either.

With sunny skies expected from start to finish today, the lack of an influx of cold air will allow the sun to warm temperatures well into the 40s.

Temperatures will be somewhat elevation dependent today, with higher elevations seeing temperatures near or just shy of 45 degrees.

Lower elevations, and especially across the northern Finger Lakes, will see temperatures push into the upper 40s this afternoon and a couple places could even hit 50 degrees.

Normal temperatures for late March are in the mid 40s, so we are finally getting back on track after a persistently cold March.

Chances for Rain

Winds will turn towards the south on Tuesday and increase with gusts to 30 mph possible.

Any warming from the south wind will be counteracted by an increase in clouds and, later in the afternoon, rain.

Periods of rain are expected throughout Tuesday afternoon and evening and could persist into Wednesday as well.

Temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday should mostly be in the mid 40s, though parts of the western Southern Tier may struggle to hit 40 degrees.

Additional showers and rain may become possible on Thursday and Friday, but temperatures should be a bit warmer. Currently, highs are expected to be in the 50s.

A brief cool down is expected by Saturday before 40s or 50s return for Easter Sunday and the first couple days of April.

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