Sunday snow details, look at next week

finger lakes weather forecast snow map sunday february 7 2021
Light snow will fall through the Finger Lakes on Sunday with most areas not even reaching an inch of accumulation.

No Sunday Snow Storm

I decided to do a quick update because I am still seeing posts on social media of people expecting some sort of storm tomorrow into Monday. It seemed prudent to quickly spell out the details of what can be expected tomorrow and peek into next week some more as well.

The hype started early in the week, before our last snow storm even really got going. A few models briefly showed a big storm along the coast.

One of the biggest times for hype is during and right after a storm… the hype machine is never satiated and wants more! With severe weather fresh on people’s minds, it is easy to prey on the fears and attention of people.

The storm quickly left the models, then came back in a much weakened, mostly out-to-sea form. But the seed had been planted, and the idea of another storm lingers on.

There will be two systems in the Finger Lakes region tomorrow. Had these two merged, a bigger storm may have been possible. But they will remain two distinct features.

Light snow will enter from the west early Sunday morning, with snow moving into far eastern areas from the south just a couple hours later. The western snow will move east across the region, eventually catching up to and overtaking the eastern area of snow.

Much of this snow will be light, but a few periods where it comes down steadily will be possible.

Both areas of snow should depart during the mid-afternoon hours, and that will be it outside of a few lingering flurries.

Snow amounts for most of the Finger Lakes will be under an inch. The western snow may get a little extra moisture from the Great Lakes, bringing around an inch to far western areas. Likewise, in the east, the areas that see snow from both batches may manage around an inch.

Behind the “Storm”

A little lake effect will flare up Sunday evening, mostly across Wayne, northern Cayuga, and Onondaga counties. Another inch or two could fall before the snow falls apart overnight or early Monday.

Monday will have increasing sunshine, but cold temperatures, with morning lows in the single digits and afternoon highs near or just above 20 degrees.

A better chance for snow will come in on Tuesday. Mostly light snow will fall through the day, but then intensities will increase late. A widespread two to four inches looks likely, with possibly four to six inches near and east of I-81.

Another brief period of lake effect will impact the northeastern Finger Lakes early Wednesday, but sunshine should increase again for the afternoon.

Much of Thursday looks quiet before yet another system rolls in for the nighttime hours and continues into early Friday. Precipitation type could become an issue with this system. If it remains all snow, amounts will be similar to or a touch higher than Tuesday. If the storm comes further north, ice could become a concern.

The active weather pattern looks as though it will continue through next weekend and into the next week as well. Temperatures should stay chilly throughout this active pattern.

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