A few trick-or-treat showers, staying mild this week

finger lakes weather forecast monday october 31 2022 halloween trick or treat weather forecast rain showers
Brief, light rain showers will be scattered about today and tomorrow, followed by another stretch of sunny, warm weather. [Photo by Meteorologist Drew Montreuil, Groton]

Early Week Showers

A weak weather system will meander through the region early this week, but the rest of the week will be dry and sunny.

Low pressure is poorly defined over Illinois this morning and will track northeastward today and tomorrow. If anything, the low will lose its organization and become absorbed by a stronger system over Central Canada.

Nonetheless, it will still spread some slightly unsettled weather into our region for today and tomorrow.

There will be plenty of clouds around today, but some breaks of sunshine will also be possible. These will be more common in the morning but will be possible in the afternoon as well. Stray showers will drift through, especially this afternoon.

Most of the rain that falls will be light, brief, and sporadic. Some areas may not see enough rain to wet the pavement. The best chance for a few longer-lasting showers will be in the northwest quadrant of the region during the latter half of this afternoon.

The showers should diminish this evening, though spits of rain will continue to be possible during the trick-or-treating time.

Most areas should get into the low 60s today. Mid 60s are also possible, while a few higher elevations stick right around 60 degrees. This evening, temperatures will remain in the low and mid 50s and overnight lows will be in the low 50s.

Winds will be light from the south at near or just over 5 mph, both during the daytime and nighttime hours.

Tuesday will bring more of the same as some additional scattered showers move through. The rain tomorrow does not look any more impressive than the rain today, with the best chances again coming in the afternoon, but not amounting to a whole lot.

Temperatures will be mild with highs again mostly in the low 60s. The wind will turn from the southwest in the morning to the northwest in the afternoon. Wind speeds will remain close to 5 mph.

finger lakes weather 7-day forecast monday october 31 2022
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected. Click to enlarge.

Sunny, Warm Weather

Another prolonged stretch of sunny, warm weather will unfold for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Wednesday will start off with some clouds in the morning, but skies should clear throughout the day. Gentle north winds will blow at speeds under 5 mph and will do little to bring cool air into the region.

Highs Wednesday afternoon should be in the low 60s. Nighttime temperatures will stick to the 40s as a south wind develops and increases to speeds of 5-10 mph.

This will give Thursday a bit of a head start. With mostly clear, sun-filled skies, temperatures should not have much trouble pushing into the mid 60s.

The south wind will continue on Friday, increasing to speeds closer to 10 mph. Sunshine will mix with some thin clouds high in the atmosphere, but should not be blocked much. Highs will continue to increase, reaching at least the upper 60s.

Little will change into the weekend. Sunshine will continue to mix with mainly thin clouds and a southerly flow will remain locked in place. Winds will be light on Saturday but may become blustery by Sunday.

High temperatures both days should be around 70 degrees with morning lows at or above 50 degrees.

A series of weather systems are expected early next week. The models have been trending much colder behind these systems.

There is plenty of uncertainty, but given that we will be heading towards mid-November by then, climatology would lead us to expect that this may be the last prolonged period of highs at or above 65 degrees for a long time. On average, Ithaca’s last 65-degree day is November 14th.

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This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected.

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Meteorologist Drew Montreuil has been forecasting the weather in the Finger Lakes region since 2006 and has degrees in meteorology from SUNY Oswego (B.S. with Honors) and Cornell (M.S.). Drew and his wife have four young boys. When not working or playing with the boys, he is probably out for a run through the countryside.