After Tuesday morning snow, focus turns to Wednesday’s storm

finger lakes weather forecast snow map wednesday february 7 2018 snow storm information
An area of snow will move out of the Finger Lakes Tuesday morning, but a significant snow will fall during the day on Wednesday. [Photo by Helen Heizyk]

Snowstorm Setting Up

An area of snow is moving out of the Finger Lakes Tuesday morning with a much more significant event likely to unfold on Wednesday.

The snow overnight and early Tuesday morning is courtest of a small disturbance cutting across the Great Lakes.

This clipper system is not associated with Wednesday’s storm, but will slightly reinforce the dome of cold air over the region.

Once the snow stops early this morning, the rest of Tuesday and Tuesday night should be quiet with nothing more than a stray flurry here or there.

Temperatures will rise into the mid 20s before dropping back into the teens tonight.

Meanwhile, an area of low pressure will develop over Texas today and begin tracking northeast into the Tennessee Valley tonight.

By Wednesday morning, this low will be moving into the Ohio Valley, after which it will cut across Pennsylvania and into New England as it continues to strengthen.

With pleny of cold air in place over the Finger Lakes and a storm track to the southeast, our region will be in the favored zone for heavy precipitation which should fall as all snow.

Wednesday Snow Storm Details

finger lakes weather forecast snow map wednesday february 7 2018 snow amounts
Most of the Finger Lakes will receive 6-8 inches of snow on Wednesday as heavy snow persists for much of the day. Click the map to enlarge.

Snow should quickly spread from west to east across the Finger Lakes between 7-9 am on Wednesday.

Once the snow starts, it should become heavy very quickly with snow fall rates at or above one-inch per hour.

Snow will continue to fall heavily at this rate through the midday and early afternoon hours. The snow will then start to taper off from west to east after 4 pm.

By the evening hours, the snow should come mostly to an end with scattered snow showers persisting into the afternoon.

This is a relatively quick hitting storm, but snowfall rates around or above one-inch per hour will likely persist for six or seven hours.

This will cause significant travel hazards as plows will have a hard time keeping up with the rapidly accumulating snow. If you must travel Wednesday, it will be best to do it early in the morning or after sunset.

Wind gusts of 20-25 mph will cause some blowing and drifting along with reduced visibility.

In all, most of the Finger Lakes is looking at 6-8 inches of snow from this system. Local variation is always likely, so a few places may only end up with 4 or 5 inches while a few others come in closer to 9 inches.

Snow showers will continue into Wednesday evening before tapering off for a quiet Thursday.

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  3. Nancy

    What’s the expected consistency of this snow? Wet and heavy or light and fluffy?

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Nancy! I think it is going to be more on the fluffy side with temperatures well below freezing.

  4. Deb

    Drew, I always appreciate your spot on predictions. I would like to donate but don’t want to set up a pay pal account. Please email me your address and I will send a check.