Thanksgiving rain, Black Friday snow travel updates

Thanksgiving and Black Friday travel updates

Quick Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a quick update, mainly on the snow potential Friday afternoon and evening and how it will impact holiday travel around the Finger Lakes.

First, some rain showers will be in the area today. Already a few light showers have moved through this morning, and more rain is expected later this afternoon and this evening. The rain should generally be light and will not cause any significant travel headaches.

Temperatures will drop behind a cold front late tonight, turning the rain to snow for most areas before dawn. Temperatures will still be above freezing, so road conditions should remain just wet for the early bird shoppers.

By the mid-afternoon, however, temperatures will be at or below freezing throughout the area. Widespread snow showers will be ongoing and road conditions will start to become more questionable. The first roads to turn messy will be rural, higher elevation roads. Primary roads will probably remain in good shape until after sunset.

By then, the widespread snow will be consolidating into the favored lake effect areas southeast of Lake Ontario. There are some factors that will help limit the amount of snow, but several inches should still be expected through Friday evening for Wayne, Cayuga, and Onondaga counties at least. With wind gusts over 30 mph, visibility will be low and roads conditions will deteriorate.

While rural roads will probably become rather sloppy, how the primary roads respond is uncertain. There are more factors at play than just the weather. Nonetheless, extra travel time in the northeastern Finger Lakes should be expected after sunset Friday.

The snow will wind down Friday night, though some flurries are expected to linger through Saturday southeast of Lake Ontario.

I will have a full update at the usual 8 AM time Friday morning.

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