Showers gradually taper off this afternoon

finger lakes weather forecast wednesday may 4 2022 showers low pressure cool air
As rain showers taper off, cool air will move in, causing afternoon temperatures to fall. [Photo by Meteorologist Drew Montreuil]

Low Pressure Moving Through

An area of low pressure will cross over the Finger Lakes this morning.

Additional showers will move in and through the region associated with the low. The rain will be on and off and generally light, though a few brief periods of moderate rainfall will also be possible.

Most of the rain should be moving east by the early afternoon, though a few stray showers and some drizzle will continue to be possible into the early evening hours.

As the low passes by, winds will turn from the south early this morning to the north for the midday and especially afternoon. Wind speeds will be near or under 10 mph but will still have a noticeable impact on the temperature.

Through the morning, temperatures will push into the low and even mid 60s. The warmest air will be across the Southern Tier. Then, this afternoon, cooler air will build in from the north, causing temperatures to drop into the 50s. Areas from Corning to Binghamton may be able to hold on to low 60s until the late afternoon.

High pressure will build in tonight, ending any precipitation and causing skies to clear overnight. Temperatures will fall back into the upper 30s and low 40s.

Thursday will be a quiet day. Skies will start out sunny with just a few thin clouds. The thin clouds will gradually increase throughout the day but should not become thick enough to block out much of the sun until perhaps late in the day.

Winds will be light out of the north, holding temperatures to the low 60s. A few places in the Southern Tier may manage to reach the mid 60s, while the shoreline of Lake Ontario will stick to the upper 50s.

finger lakes weather 7-day forecast wednesday may 4 2022
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected. Click to enlarge.

Friday-Saturday Rain, then Dry

High pressure will fight to keep control of the weather as we head toward the weekend, but an approaching weather system will do its best to nose into the area.

This system will make its way towards the Finger Lakes from the southwest. On Friday, this will mostly mean an increase in cloud cover.

Later in the afternoon, rain may start to sneak into the southwestern portions of the region. The rain may be able to make it as far north as Penn Yan and Ithaca and as far east as Binghamton before sunset.

Friday night, the rain will continue to creep northeastward but should eventually stall out. Exactly where the cutoff sets up is uncertain, but somewhere between Geneva and Syracuse seems most probable at this point. Confidence remains lower than usual, though.

This would place the southwestern two-thirds of the region in the rain, which will continue for much of Saturday. The far northeastern corner of the region may see little to no rain.

The rain will have a large impact on temperatures as well. On Friday, most areas should get to near or above 60 degrees. Portions of the western Southern Tier, where clouds will be thickest and possible rain will arrive first, are less likely to escape the 50s.

On Saturday, areas that see persistent rain may have a hard time getting out of the upper 40s. The further northeast, the warmer it should be. The Syracuse area could get all the way to 60 degrees if it stays completely dry.

For as tricky and complex as the forecast is for Friday and Saturday, the weather will be especially straightforward from Sunday deep into next week. A stretch of sunny, dry, and increasingly warm weather is expected.

Temperatures will rise steadily, with highs Sunday in the mid 60s, Monday in the upper 60s, and then into the 70s at least thereafter. Several days of highs in the 80s are a possibility later in the week. The warm weather does not look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon, either.

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finger lakes weather 7-day forecast wednesday may 4 2022
This graphic represents an average over the entire Finger Lakes region. Localized variations should be expected.

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