Noon cloud cover update for Finger Lakes Eclipse

finger lakes weather satellite april 8 2024 noon eclipse
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Noon Cloud Update

Here is a special look at the satellite imagery in a special mode used for easily identifying cloud types. (App users, tap here to see the image)

All is evolving as expected, with lower, thicker clouds continuing to make their way toward the Finger Lakes.

There are some breaks (splotches of darker blue) showing in the broader cloud area, but there aren’t not a whole lot of them and they are not overly large.

This will be my final update of the afternoon as I head out and hope for one of those small breaks in the clouds. Best of luck to you all, and be safe!

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Meteorologist Drew Montreuil has been forecasting the weather in the Finger Lakes region since 2006 and has degrees in meteorology from SUNY Oswego (B.S. with Honors) and Cornell (M.S.). Drew and his wife have four young boys. When not working or playing with the boys, he is probably out for a run through the countryside.

2 Responses

  1. Rob Aiken

    Hi Drew
    Appreciate your tailored meteorology.
    We observed the eclipse at the Ganondagon historical center, near Victor
    A gentle shower commenced soon after totality and continued through an early supper in Canandaigua
    Possible that the diminished shortwave radiation, during the eclipse, allowed the moisture-bearing parcels if air to cool to dew-point, resulting in droplet formation?

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      Hi Rob! That is a good thought and a possibility that cannot be dismissed. There were other factors in the atmosphere that likely contributed to the rain as well, as there had been showers ongoing with the warm front since the early morning to our west. Ultimately, we’ll never know exactly how much of a role the eclipse played, but it is certainly fun to ponder!