Monday Late Afternoon Update – Winter Storm Taking Shape

finger lakes weather forecast update monday evening winter storm update
The 5 PM surface map and radar shows widespread, heavier precipitation just west of the Finger Lakes. As strengthening low pressure over Pennsylvania tracks east along the stalled frontal boundary (pink line), precipitation will increase this evening in the Finger Lakes.

5 PM Monday Update:

As expected, most of the Finger Lakes has been rather quiet so far today, but the winter storm is starting to take shape and conditions will be declining this evening.

The timeline for the storm is right on schedule. Little to no impacts were expected prior to this point, except perhaps over the far northwestern Finger Lakes, where it is indeed snowing steadily.

Drizzle across the southern Finger Lakes is starting to turn to freezing drizzle as temperatures slip below 32 degrees. I personally have already experienced this, with a glaze of ice on the pumpkins we have for our livestock and their fencing here in Groton. This drizzle is not necessarily showing on radar, but will continue to be present before it intensifies.

Meanwhile, snow has greatly increased in coverage and intensity over Western New York during the last hour or so, and this will spread east this evening.

The culprit of this wintry weather is low pressure riding along a stalled out frontal boundary draped across Pennsylvania and Ohio. This low is now over southwestern Pennsylvania and is strengthening.

All in all, there is little to comment on about the state of the forecast. Everything seems to be going according to plan and on schedule.

Conditions will deteriorate from here on out with the worst of the storm during the overnight hours. Ice and snow will increase this evening and make travel increasingly difficult. These conditions will continue into early Tuesday morning, even after the bulk of the snow has fallen.

For a complete look at the original forecast from this morning, please review the Snow Report here. Again, no changes are being made to the forecast or the expectations.

My next update will be tomorrow morning, but I will be available through the evening to answer your comments and questions, via the comment form below, email, Facebook Messenger, and social media.

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3 Responses

  1. Kathleen

    Thank you Drew for your informative, lovely forecasts. You are by far the most eloquent and accurate weatherperson I’ve ever turned to for weather updates.

    • Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

      It is truly a pleasure to serve such wonderful and appreciative people such as yourself and the many others who have made similar comments 🙂

  2. Jim Kennedy

    I just salted our increasingly icy walks and drive here in the city of Geneva. (We moved here after 6 years in Groton where both of OUR boys were born!).

    Thank you.

    Jim Kennedy