Long duration snow event set to impact the Finger Lakes in two phases

A long-duration snow event will impact the Finger Lakes in two phases, lasting into early Wednesday. This map shows the snow from Phase 2, which will have more of an impact than Phase 1 which is ongoing. Please read the entire post for a greater understanding of the forecast and uncertainties.… Read More

Snow Report: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The no-hype SNOW REPORT from Finger Lakes Weather for Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Clear, concise, and well organized to get you the information you need fast!… Read More

Weekend weather complexities increase as system begins to approach

A strengthening low pressure system will lead to an increase in clouds today and a few showers late this afternoon. Saturday’s conditions will vary greatly depending on location with periods of rain turning to snow. [Read Time- 2:40]… Read More

Localized but intense lake effect snow for Wednesday Morning Commute

A wide variety of conditions should be expected Wednesday morning across the Finger Lakes, from sunshine to white-outs and treacherous travel. This post is a follow up to this morning’s blog post with additional information.… Read More

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