After snow departs today, focus turns to the Weekend

[Read Time- 2:54] Snow will depart the Finger Lakes by the afternoon, allowing focus to turn towards sorting through a variety of possibilities for the weekend’s weather. … Read More

Over-hyped weather system brings a small amount of snow to the Finger Lakes

Low pressure will pass by the Finger Lakes later today, bringing a couple hours of snow that may result in a coating to an inch of accumulation. [Read Time- 2:25]… Read More

Breezy, snowy day as temperatures bottom out

Friday will be a blustery and cold day as snow showers gradually taper off. After a quiet weekend, another strong system plows in for Monday. [Read Time- 1:44]… Read More

Winter retreats again, but threatens return this weekend

The little bit of snow that fell this week will melt today under bright, sunny skies and temperatures above 45 degrees. More wintry weather may be on the way this weekend, however. [Read Time- 2:09]… Read More

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