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Weather is complex, and often, a simple graphic does not tell the whole story.

That is why Finger Lakes Weather meteorologist Drew Montreuil blogs frequently.

From detailed forecast discussions and recapping recent weather events, to looking beyond our region at what the weather is doing elsewhere, to teaching about the weather in an easy to understand format, Finger Lakes Weather offers four different blogs.

Commenting and sharing is encouraged! After all, Weather is Social!

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Local Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

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FLX Weather Updates

Company updates, announcements, and weather event summaries.

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Weather Education

Easy to understand explainations of how the weather works.

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Weather Outside the FLX

Significant weather events happening outside the Finger Lakes.

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All Recent Blog Posts

Temperatures fall Friday as front moves through
| |

Friday will be warm until a cold front moves through during the early afternoon, setting up a stretch of cooler weather.… Read More

Quiet and a bit warmer for Valentine’s Day
| |

The weather should not have major impacts on Valentine’s Day plans in and around the Finger Lakes despite an incoming weather system.… Read More

Blustery Wednesday with snow and remaining slick spots
| |

On and off snow showers will be blown across the Finger Lakes on gusty southwest winds today. Thursday is looking much quieter before some rain moves in.… Read More

Live Winter Storm Updates- Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019
| |

Live winter storm updates throughout the day on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019 as snow and ice impact the Finger Lakes.… Read More

Storm system brings mixed bag of snow and ice Tuesday
| |

A winter storm will bring snow and ice to the Finger Lakes on Tuesday. Here are the details you need to know.… Read More

Windy and turning colder Friday
| |

Strong winds will bring cold air back into the Finger Lakes today. Winds will persist through Saturday. A little lake effect snow will also fall, mainly Saturday morning.… Read More

Fog and drizzle early, rain and wind tonight
| |

This morning, be on the look out for fog and freezing drizzle. Tonight, the threats change to wind, rain, and some thundery downpours.… Read More

Rainy afternoon with a few patches of ice
| |

Most of the Finger Lakes will just see rain today with only a few areas of patchy ice. More rain is likely Thursday night, which could prompt flood concerns.… Read More

Temperatures slide back Tuesday; Limited Ice Wednesday

After a warm start, temperatures will retreat on Tuesday, setting up the possibility for some ice Wednesday. See the Ice Map here:… Read More

After sunny start active weather ahead this week

Monday will be warm with sunshine early. Temperatures will fluctuate the rest of the week with periods of active weather.… Read More

Temperatures start to turn around

After another frigid morning, afternoon highs will climb into the mid teens today. Much, much warmer weather moves in for Saturday, Sunday, and especially Monday.… Read More

Bitter cold Thursday, weekend warm-up

Wind chills will remain hazardous throughout the day today with areas of blowing and drifting snow. Much warmer weather will move in this weekend.… Read More

Final cold front Wednesday releases arctic air

A cold front Wednesday morning will bring a few bursts of snow, followed by strong winds and the start of the dangerous cold snap.… Read More

Spotty snow Tuesday, bitter cold builds east

A couple inches of snow will fall late today over parts of the Finger Lakes before bitter, dangerous cold moves in for Wednesday, Thursday, and early Friday.… Read More

Quiet Monday before Tuesday Snow

Several counties in the Finger Lakes are under winter storm watches for Tuesday. Get all the details, plus my snow map, here:… Read More

Arctic cold front brings snow squall late Sunday Morning
| |

A snow squall will make travel dangerous for a brief time Sunday morning as an arctic cold front blasts across the region. Details, including approximate timing, are here:… Read More

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