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Weather is complex, and often, a simple graphic does not tell the whole story.

That is why Finger Lakes Weather meteorologist Drew Montreuil blogs frequently.

From detailed forecast discussions and recapping recent weather events, to looking beyond our region at what the weather is doing elsewhere, to teaching about the weather in an easy to understand format, Finger Lakes Weather offers four different blogs.

Commenting and sharing is encouraged! After all, Weather is Social!

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Local Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

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FLX Weather Updates

Company updates, announcements, and weather event summaries.

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Weather Education

Easy to understand explainations of how the weather works.

With quiet weather continuing, how are our rainfall stats?

With generally dry conditions continuing for the next several days, I take a look at what the numbers say about the interplay of the recent dry weather following the wet Spring. [Read time- 2:08]… Read More

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Weather Outside the FLX

Significant weather events happening outside the Finger Lakes.

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All Recent Blog Posts

Sunny Tuesday before Wet and Windy Wednesday-Thursday


Tuesday will be a sunny, pleasant day in the Finger Lakes before very active weather moves in for Wednesday and Thursday. [Read Time- 2:41]… Read More

Saturday cold front brings morning showers, overnight frost


A cold front will bring rain showers Saturday and a frosty start to Sunday. [Read Time- 1:46]… Read More

Sunny, typical October Day


Sunny, dry weather and near normal temperatures will continue until a cold front arrives Saturday. [Read Time- 1:36]… Read More

Clouds mix into the Finger Lakes, but rain stays east


While areas west of Rochester see plenty of sun today, most of the Finger Lakes will have a cloudy morning before the sun starts to mix in this afternoon. [Read Time- 1:55]… Read More

Soaking rain continues much of Monday


Widespread rain will slowly push east today, bringing rain amounts over an inch to much of the region. Here are the details and a look at the rest of the week’s weather. [Read Time- 2:15]… Read More

Frosty night follows cool, cloudy day


Following a cloudy, cool day, skies will clear tonight bringing frost and freeze conditions to much of the Finger Lakes. [Read Time- 2:06]… Read More

Rainy day ahead for the Finger Lakes


Thursday will be a soggy day with plenty of rain as low pressure passes through. Very cool air will move in behind this low. [Read Time- 2:26]… Read More

Periods of rain as temperatures tumble


Temperatures are starting the day 20+ degrees above normal, but chilly air is poised to overtake the region today. [Read Time- 2:15]… Read More

First strong fall storm system brings wide range of weather


Get ready for a ride on the fall weather roller coaster as temperatures soar well into the 80s today, only to end up dropping through the 50s Wednesday. Here are all the details on our first significant fall weather system. [Read Time- 2:22]… Read More

Temperatures warm quickly, fall just as fast this week


After a cool, cloudy Monday, temperatures will soar on Tuesday, only to come crashing down to even colder levels starting Wednesday. [Read Time- 2:27]… Read More

Sunny Friday, a couple strong storms Saturday


Pleasant weather will return for Friday, but showers and thunderstorms are possible Saturday. A few storms could be robust depending on how the morning sets up. [Read Time- 2:14]… Read More

Fronts bring rain today, scattered storms Saturday


A period of rain is expected during the latter half of the morning and early afternoon Thursday. Sunshine will return Friday, but a few thunderstorms may rumble through on Saturday. [Read Time- 2:14]… Read More

Daily weather changes continue into the weekend


An active weather pattern will keep our day-to-day weather highly variable for the rest of this week and into the weekend. Here are all the latest details in under two minutes! [Read Time- 1:53] … Read More

Cloudy and cool behind cold front, but just for today


Much of today will stay cloudy with breezy, cool winds. Tomorrow will be much different, and Thursday’s weather will change again. [Read Time- 2:17]… Read More

Cold front brings rain to the Finger Lakes Monday


The Finger Lakes’ streak of sunny, dry days will come to an end today thanks to a cold front. Even though Tuesday will be chilly, we are not done with mild weather quite yet. [Read Time- 1:31]… Read More

Temperatures warm as weekend stays sunny and dry


The weekend will stay sunny and dry, but temperatures will start to push upwards, peaking on Sunday. [Read Time- 1:49]… Read More

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