Weather Blogging

Weather is complex, and often, a simple graphic does not tell the whole story.

That is why Finger Lakes Weather meteorologist Drew Montreuil blogs frequently.

From detailed forecast discussions and recapping recent weather events, to looking beyond our region at what the weather is doing elsewhere, to teaching about the weather in an easy to understand format, Finger Lakes Weather offers four different blogs.

Commenting and sharing is encouraged! After all, Weather is Social!

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Local Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

Sunshine today followed by unsettled weather

[Read Time- 2:26] After another sunny day Thursday, the weather will become more unsettled with at least some chances for rain daily through next Tuesday. … Read More

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FLX Weather Updates

Company updates, announcements, and weather event summaries.

Snow flies today in the Finger Lakes

[Read Time- 2:27] Cold air wrapping into low pressure to our southeast will bring snow today and subfreezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. … Read More

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Weather Education

Easy to understand explainations of how the weather works.

With quiet weather continuing, how are our rainfall stats?

With generally dry conditions continuing for the next several days, I take a look at what the numbers say about the interplay of the recent dry weather following the wet Spring. [Read time- 2:08]… Read More

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Weather Outside the FLX

Significant weather events happening outside the Finger Lakes.

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All Recent Blog Posts

Sunshine today followed by unsettled weather


[Read Time- 2:26] After another sunny day Thursday, the weather will become more unsettled with at least some chances for rain daily through next Tuesday. … Read More

Quieter weather for a couple days


[Read Time- 2:22] Despite abundant sunshine, temperatures will not escape the 60s today. Warmer weather will be quick to return, though. … Read More

Cool air settles into the Finger Lakes


[Read Time- 2:06] Scattered showers will drift through the region today as breezy northwest winds import cooler air.… Read More

Unsettled weather leads to cooler temperatures


[Read Time- 2:14] Cooler air will settle into the Finger Lakes as waves of unsettled weather bring showers and a couple thunderstorms.… Read More

Sunday Evening Thunderstorms


A couple of severe thunderstorms are ongoing as they rumble across the Finger Lakes Sunday evening.… Read More

A few upcoming chances for showers


[Read Time- 1:56] A few showers will be possible through the weekend and into early next week, but much of the time will be dry. … Read More

Humidity has dropped, but temperatures stay mild


[Read Time- 2:09] Dry air with lower humidity has built into the Finger Lakes and will result in a pleasant couple of days.… Read More

Late week weather trending less humid and quieter


[Read Time- 1:58] High humidity this afternoon will be replaced by much more comfortable air overnight tonight. … Read More

Humid and unsettled weather this week


[Read Time- 2:31] An influx of humidity will help trigger near daily chances for rain this week.… Read More

Temperatures climb through the weekend


[Read Time- 2:06] The weather this weekend will turn hot with plenty of sunshine. … Read More

Rain, heat back in the forecast


[Read Time- 1:53] After a few scattered showers today, rain will become more likely tonight and into Thursday. Hot weather will build in this weekend and extend well into next week. … Read More

Turning warmer and unsettled


[Read Time- 1:59] Thin clouds will filter the sunshine today, with thicker clouds and showers moving in Wednesday afternoon and sticking around through Thursday. … Read More

Warmer weather works back into the Finger Lakes


[Read Time- 1:51] After a drab weekend, the sun will shine today and temperatures will return to near average levels. Warmer weather is expected throughout the week. … Read More

Cold rain moves into the Finger Lakes


[Read Time- 2:03] Steady rain will fall today and tonight with showers lingering into Saturday morning. Sunday, too, may turn out cool with showers.… Read More

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