Weather Blogging

Weather is complex, and often, a simple graphic does not tell the whole story.

That is why Finger Lakes Weather meteorologist Drew Montreuil blogs frequently.

From detailed forecast discussions and recapping recent weather events, to looking beyond our region at what the weather is doing elsewhere, to teaching about the weather in an easy to understand format, Finger Lakes Weather offers four different blogs.

Commenting and sharing is encouraged! After all, Weather is Social!

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Local Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

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FLX Weather Updates

Company updates, announcements, and weather event summaries.

Snow flies today in the Finger Lakes

[Read Time- 2:27] Cold air wrapping into low pressure to our southeast will bring snow today and subfreezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. … Read More

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Weather Education

Easy to understand explainations of how the weather works.

With quiet weather continuing, how are our rainfall stats?

With generally dry conditions continuing for the next several days, I take a look at what the numbers say about the interplay of the recent dry weather following the wet Spring. [Read time- 2:08]… Read More

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Weather Outside the FLX

Significant weather events happening outside the Finger Lakes.

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All Recent Blog Posts

Cold pattern remains through the weekend and beyond


[Read Time- 2:51] Snow should be limited to minimal accumulations under an inch with snow showers Friday and Sunday.… Read More

Occasional snow showers in the Finger Lakes through Friday


[Read Time- 2:44] Little to no snow accumulation is expected across most of the Finger Lakes region as snow showers come and go.… Read More

Cloudy, eventual lake effect behind low pressure


[Read Time- 2:43] Temperatures will continue to run below average through the weekend but only occasional snow showers are expected.… Read More

Weather looks wintry this week, especially early Wednesday


[Read Time- 2:49] The first widespread wintry weather will move in Tuesday night and early Wednesday, making for a slick commute Wednesday morning. … Read More

Rainy day, night ahead for the FLX: Rain Forecast Map


[Read Time- 3:20] Rain will move into the FLX this morning and continue through Friday night. Here are the latest details, including a map of estimated rainfall amounts expected. … Read More

Focus turns to rainfall impacts from Nicole on Friday


[Read Time- 3:53] Here are the latest details on what the Finger Lakes can expect from rain associated with Tropical Storm Nicole on Friday and Friday Night.… Read More

Much cooler today, but warmer weather returns ahead of significant rain potential


[Read Time- 3:44] It will be another sunny day today, but noticeably cooler. Sub-Tropical Storm Nicole continues to demand attention with heavy rain increasingly possible in the FLX on Friday. … Read More

Sunny but not as warm this week; Major changes looming


[Read Time- 3:05] Much of the weather this week will be quiet, but it is certainly not a boring time with a lunar eclipse, temperature swings, and complex, significant weather changes looming by the weekend.… Read More

Record warmth accompanied by gusty winds, rain showers this weekend


[Read Time- 3:31] A fun look at some local November climate history is mixed in with the weather forecast for this weekend and next week with some changes to our pattern on the way.… Read More

Sunshine and warm temperatures continue across the Finger Lakes


[Read Time- 2:52] Temperatures, and southerly wind speeds, will pick up over the coming days, with both coming to notable peaks on Saturday. … Read More

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